Marriage Problems And Business Success: What To Do When Your Spouse Is Your Business Partner

Business partners need to collaborate, resolve professional conflicts without coming to blows, and have to take business decisions considering the interests of all parties involved. However, what happens when a married couple starts a business?

Spouse as business partner

Marriage can add another dimension to the business equation, and couples must draw a line between their professional and personal relationships. Failing to do that can result not just in a serious conflict within the marriage, but also cause serious disruptions in the business.

So, here are some tips that you have to keep in mind when your spouse is your business partner.

Only start a business once the marriage is stable

If a couple’s married life isn’t a happy one, the chances of their business succeeding are very low. So before you take the entrepreneurial plunge with your better half, you should make every possible effort to be happy in the marriage.

The best way to work on your marriage is simple; to spend as much time as possible with each other. While this can be difficult for couples who often have to stay apart due to professional reasons, if you really put your heart and soul into it, you can do it.  When you sense that your marriage run slightly off track, don’t delay in seeking the necessary help.  Here’s a good resource to get started:

Agree to disagree

Just because you are happily married to your spouse doesn’t automatically mean that you will be good business partners. Business decisions are not always simple, and both of you may have your unique opinions on how your business can be taken forward.

Instead of arguing and trying to prove to each other why your respective opinions are better than the other, hear each other out. Listening to each other’s opinions can give both of you much-needed critical outside perspectives.

Remember that you are not competing against your partner. You and your partner are meant to compete against the competitors in your business niche and rise above them as a collective.

Don’t drag personal problems into professional differences

As mentioned at the start of this write-up, you should never mix up your personal and professional lives. Sure, you might have had multiple fights and disagreements in your married life. You may have even resolved them and moved on happily. So why drag them when you develop friction on a professional level?

Even if one side tries to turn the professional disagreement into a personal argument, the other side should remain calm and composed. In such a scenario, one side should be the voice of reason to keep the argument happening along the right lines.

Business team meeting for business growth planning

If the business has employees, communicate professionally in front of them

When you and your partner are in your house, you have the right to joke, and a little bit of banter never hurt any marriage. However, the equation changes significantly when you are together in your workplace.

In front of your employees, you should maintain professional behavior and not talk to each other the way you do at home. Adopting such an attitude also reminds the employees to stay professional when they are on duty.

Leave your business discussions at the office

It’s great if both of you are really involved in and committed to your business. But don’t let the business overshadow your marriage. Keep business discussions strictly to the office, as they may otherwise take up too much of your time together at home.

If you and your partner operate your business from home, you can create and maintain a daily routine. The routine can outline when it’s okay to talk about your business and when it’s time to forget your business and concentrate on each other’s emotional and physical needs.

Accept that not every business decision will be successful

No matter how well thought out, business decisions may not always deliver the results that you expect them to. If they fail to deliver positive results, you shouldn’t get angry at each other. Ultimately, business involves risks, and every time you take a critical decision, it is a gamble of sorts.

So, as long as you keep these six tips in mind, you should be more or less ready to be not just life partners, but business partners as well.


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