Budget Cuts? Think Twice About Cutting Your Cleaning Services

One result of the coronavirus outbreak is an increased awareness of cleanliness. People around the world are clearing store shelves of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer as they turn their focus toward relentless hygiene. In fact, as of March 7, 2020, hand sanitizer sales grew 470%, aerosol disinfectant sales grew 385.3%, and rubbing alcohol sales grew 253.8% since the same time last year.

Store cleaning service

People are buying up hygiene products and focusing on cleanliness now more than perhaps ever before. Companies need to recognize this and meet demands for clean facilities, especially as employees or customers may be returning to offices and stores.

At the same time, however, companies are feeling the pinch of lost revenue, evaluating where they can cut costs. But the public’s response to this pandemic should show companies that cleaning services are indispensable.

Of course, it’s tough for a business dealing with a sudden economic downturn to put an emphasis on cleaning. However, scouring offices, conference rooms, and public places today will have widespread benefits tomorrow. Staying a step ahead of germs and viruses through routine cleaning followed by a thorough disinfecting protocol prepares communal areas for the day that employees, customers, visitors — and steady income — return.

Cleaning today for a healthier post-coronavirus world

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note, a one-two hit of cleaning followed by disinfecting packs a serious and effective punch against the spread of contagious pathogens. Cleaning removes dirt and impurities from places like floors, upholstery, cubicle paneling, and critical touchpoints. Disinfecting then involves using chemicals to kill remaining germs on those recently cleaned surfaces.

As a first step, you’ll want to have a cleaning service perform a full deep clean of your office. Then, the next step is disinfecting all surfaces. Setting aside monetary considerations, there has never been a better time than now for businesses to give their entire facilities this needed once-over.

Cost-effective measures that keep cleaning front and center

Along with having a cleaning services team and disinfectant specialists perform a full deep clean of your spaces during this time, there are cost-effective ways to keep cleaning top of mind now and into the future.

Knowing what needs to be cleaned and how often, for instance, can help you plan cleanings and spread out anticipated payments. Keeping regular cleaning habits to eliminate the build-up of grime can also be beneficial.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Typically, upholstered furnishings and cubicle panels should be cleaned on an annual or quarterly basis depending on the amount of traffic the spaces receive and the amount of soil that accumulates. Entryways, for example, will need to be cleaned more frequently than a rarely used corner office.
  • Public health officials, however, do suggest increasing the frequency of cleanings during this time, so you might want to consider scheduling these cleanings at closer intervals.
  • If businesses do currently have workers on-site, they should ask employees to practice hygiene-promoting practices diligently. In addition to social distancing, workers should wash their hands frequently with either soap and water or a 60%-alcohol hand sanitizer gel. Handshakes can be replaced by no-contact greetings.
  • Regularly wiping down surfaces such as desks, keyboards, conference tables, and other equipment with CDC-approved disinfectants can yield positive long-term impacts as well.

Company leaders are likely facing some of the most difficult times and choices of their careers. Many want to avoid furloughs and layoffs by trimming the fat from their budgets — but they should think twice before slashing cleaning services. Businesses have an obligation to provide workers and customers with clean facilities, and customers will expect this even more in the future.


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