How to Advertise Online As A Law Firm

No matter what kind of business you have, in today’s world acquiring clients through the web is just critical. These days, a lot of law firms have already started doing some online marketing, but there are areas in which they could seriously improve.

Internet marketing for law firms

Online marketing is the number one way to engage with new clients and boost your law firm’s business. Whether you’re just starting out as a new law firm or looking to grow an existing practice, there are a variety of ways to acquire clients through the internet.

To help you build your online marketing strategy, this article is a guide on how to advertise online as a law firm.

Create a great website

The first thing you need to do to advertise online as a law firm is to create a really effective website. Your website will be the first port of call for the majority of your new clients and so it is really important that you have an attractive, professional website which will both impress potential new clients and provide information about the services which your law firm provides.

One great way to improve your website is to do some research on your competitors’ websites and see what they have done well. The Las Vegas lawyers at told us there are various important elements that all law firms must include to make a great legal website. Their website includes a list of all their services, profiles of all the members of their legal team and a live chatbot so that new clients can make enquiries and get an instant reply. In the case of this firm, they represent victims of various accidents and personal and work-related injuries and their website has a page dedicated to each area of their practice.

When you are designing the website for your legal firm, make sure that you have all of these elements.

Content marketing for SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses a range of tools to ensure that your law firm’s website will rank highly on search engine results pages. This is absolutely critical because the majority of people will not look past the first few results of a Google search and so you will lose a huge number of clients to your competitors if they are all ranking above you.

On-site SEO makes sure that your website functions well, that it has no broken links, and that it can be identified and ranked by search engines. Content SEO involves implementing special keywords into the content of your website that is related to your business.

Off-site SEO creates backlinks for your website to both direct traffic to your website and also to show Google that your website is important so it is being referenced on other relevant, high ranking websites.

SEO is critical for online advertising for law firms today as the competition is so fierce, it is easy for your law firm’s website to get lost amongst the crowd. SEO engineering is not something that is possible to do without extensive training and experience, so in order to guarantee effective results, research professional SEO companies that specialize in law firms’ websites.

Create a Vlog

Many people search on YouTube to get quick legal advice and one really innovative way to advertise your law firm is to create your own YouTube vlog where you give legal advice. It is totally free to upload a video to YouTube and you will be able to directly engage with potential clients in the comments section.

Start by answering legal FAQs that you encounter in your normal day to day practice and as you build your audience, ask viewers in the comments section what they want to know about. If there are viewers who live in your area of practice, you can reach out to them and offer them your law firm’s services.

Legal vlogs are becoming more and more popular and if you put in a little effort to make your vlog look slick and professional, they can be a really fantastic way to advertise your law firm online. Introduce the public to the various members of your legal team and take them on a virtual walk through your offices to show what it is exactly that you do.

These days, online advertising is the most important way for attracting new clients and engaging with your audience. It is so important that you have a well thought out online marketing strategy to ensure that you do not lose all the potential business to your competitors. Follow this guide and start advertising your law firm online today.


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