What Would’ve Happened if There Was no Internet During Quarantine?

2020 has come down on us quite harder than we could’ve ever imagined. With nothing to do, we have been forced to follow The New Normal. Frankly, if things would continue to go on like this, then that time is not far when our mental peace is completely torn apart.

Bored buinessman during quarantine

Imagine the nightmare if we didn’t have access to the privileges that we have now. Speaking of privileges, the internet is undoubtedly one of the blessings that we have in our lives, especially in these times.

Back when it was introduced to the world, we’re 100% sure that its creators wouldn’t have imagined how the internet would soon become the backbone of many breakthroughs that we see today. From powering our house’s security systems to allowing us to stream movies, the internet can handle it all.

Have you ever imagined though how bad the situation would have been if there was no internet? Just thinking about it is giving us goosebumps. We’re sure it’s making you feel the same way. Out of anything that we can picture, we can certainly not picture ourselves deprived of the internet, especially during the quarantine.

So, How Would’ve Things Been If There Was No Internet?

1. ‘Netflixing’ wouldn’t have existed


Online video streaming has become a trend. According to Nielsen, back in 2018, almost 80% of the US population delved into a streaming service to watch their favorite movie or a TV show. Imagine, how high must the numbers be by now when almost the entire world is in lockdown? But, imagine, if there was no internet; all of us would’ve suffered the depths of boredom pretty badly.

2. Gaming would’ve remained limited to ‘Space Impact’

Space Impact Nokia games

From Atari 2600 to PS4s, saying that gaming has gone through massive evolution all these years wouldn’t be an understatement. Gone is the time when gaming required arcade-tokens or heavy cassette-like discs because now all people you is an internet connection to juice up your consoles and you can download whichever game you please. How would that have been if there was no internet? You would’ve been limited to playing with decades-old joysticks or with the Snake games that came in Nokia handsets. Plus, all the interactive gaming that we see now, would’ve also been a mere idea.

3. ‘Zoom’ would’ve ceased to exist


With the help of high-speed internet connection just like one from Mediacom internet, many full-time employees and students have been coping up with the ongoing lockdown. Regardless of offices and schools being closed, meetings and classes are still taking place as per usual and Zoom stands accredited for it. Zoom is an online platform that allows its users to conduct long-distance meetings. However, Zoom would’ve remained a myth if there was no internet. Students would’ve remained locked out of their ‘virtual’ classrooms and the rate of unemployment, would have been far more worse than it is right now.

4. We all would’ve remained very ‘restricted’


Every time we miss our friends and family members living away from us, we drop them a message or see them over video calls. Or, every time we feel like exploring new burbs in our city, we head to our favorite application on our phones and rely on it to guide us through new and unvisited areas. All of this would’ve remained unintroduced to us if there was no internet. Plus, let’s face it, with the current situation where we have to maintain social distancing, we would have lost our sanity pretty quickly if there was no internet to help us stay connected with our loved ones.

5. Searching for answers would’ve cost us a visit to the Library


What do you do whenever there’s a query that needs an instant answer? Things have evolved and we’ve all come far from that point when we had to make numerous visits to the library to find a solution to a problem. Now, whenever we are looking for an answer, we waste no second in ‘Googling’ it. Imagine, even the most basic necessity of today AKA Google would’ve also been out of our league if our lives hadn’t been blessed with the internet.

Summing Things Up

We don’t realize the importance of what we have until we don’t have it. Just like that, we don’t know how different would’ve things been if we hadn’t been introduced to the internet. Don’t know if we would’ve been smart without it or dumb, but we would surely have been quite bored.


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