Why Direct Mail is Still Relevant for Businesses

In the age of social media and innovative marketing strategies, it is hard to remember a simpler time when using traditional mail was the most effective marketing technique companies had at their disposal.

Direct mails

If you ask a novice marketer today what they think about direct mail, they will likely say that it is a dead strategy that does not garner attention anymore. However, seasoned marketers beg to differ; direct mail can be an effective marketing technique, and your company’s greatest ally if used correctly. Understandably, you might still be skeptical about the merits of direct email, but why not give this tried-and-true strategy a go?

If the idea of recycling old marketing techniques piques your interest, read on to know why direct mail is still relevant in 2020.

It Is Unique

Whether you want to chuck it on bad luck or market oversaturation, it is becoming harder to stand out as a business nowadays. It is also much harder to build one’s brand and gain the loyalty and trust of clients. For this reason, you need to employ strategies that are not common with other businesses right now to help your company gain some momentum.

Think about today’s most prevalent marketing strategies: SEO, social media, and paid ads. Although these strategies have proven their potency, every Tom, Dick, and Harry are using them. On the other hand, there is a wide misconception that direct mail is ineffective, which can work to your advantage. Using direct mail to advertise your business can leave a long-lasting impression on your customers because they will believe that your business is unique.

It Cuts Costs

Effective marketing strategies do not come cheap, especially due to the economic fluctuations we are currently experiencing. However, the cost of mailing letters, brochures, and the like is still fairly inexpensive. This is especially the case if you have a franking machine in your office, as this nifty device can allow you to save up to 35% of postage costs. So, not only is direct mail a great way to reach more customers, but it can also help you focus your resources on other important aspects of your business, such as partnership and expansion opportunities.

Because reducing costs and increasing income are two of the most important objectives of any business, you need to at least consider using direct mail as a marketing strategy, even if it is in combination with other techniques.

It Is Harder to Ignore

Speaking of cutting costs, ineffective marketing strategies can be a money-draining vortex, but do you know which strategy isn’t? Direct mail! Since you need to carefully manage your resources, you cannot risk spending a lot of money on ads or emails, just to find that they mostly go unnoticed.

If you do not believe that emails are not effective at marketing businesses, just take a look at your spam folder. Do you see where this is going? Chances are that your marketing emails end up in clients’ spam folder as well. On the contrary, direct mail is harder to miss. We have come to associate traditional mail with important matters like bills and notices, which is why using direct mail to contact your customers makes sense. By mailing your clients, you have a better chance of getting a response because most people take at least five minutes of their time every day to check their mailbox and read their mail.

It Can be Combined with Other Strategies

Choosing between digital marketing and direct mail does not have to be a Catch-22 situation, as direct mail can be used in conjunction with other marketing techniques. Since you must employ different marketing techniques to expand your reach, a mix of strategies is your best bet. Instead of sending plain brochures or discounts, why not make them relevant to your digital marketing campaign? For instance, you can send a traditional brochure, but include a QR code that directs your customers to your social media pages or website when scanned.

This way, you can draw the attention of different demographics, including tech-savvy customers and seniors.

Physical mails

Don’t be fooled by what non-experts say, because direct mail is alive and well! With this simple, traditional marketing strategy, you can cut costs, expand your reach, and dominate your competition. There is little that can go wrong with a marketing strategy that has a vintage feel, does not cost much, and cannot be ignored.

Still, you need to employ other strategies as well to help elevate your business. This means you cannot completely rely on direct mail, but may use it to enhance the outcomes of your other marketing techniques.


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