Everything You Need to Know About New Cisco CCNA and Its 200-301 Test. Why Is It You Who Should Pursue It?

Completed 4 years of grueling college work and graduated with the best of it? You are now able to join a job market that should ideally be ready to reward you for all your hard work, right? Well, congratulations may be in order but there are quite literally millions of other people just like you with the same dreams and aspirations.

Cisco Certification CCNA 200-301

Did we mention that the job market that is so swift and cutthroat, barely recognizes your presence and does not create space for you? Besides, you have the added complexity of choosing a field where today’s biggest advancement will become obsolete by tomorrow morning. How do you stand out from everyone else in a market that is already bursting at its seams?

This article will help you acquire that defining distinction through the new Cisco CCNA certification. This CCNA equips you with the most current knowledge and skills in the basics of networking, security, and programmability – as you’ve never experienced it before you might want to ask for a tuition refund from your college afterward.


Why CCNA… And Why You?

We did not mean to discourage you but it would be remiss if we did not let you know how things truly are. IT is one of the most versatile fields right now, which has been experiencing unparalleled growth for decades. Let’s face it: there are 11-year-old self-taught coders battling it out with successful IT veterans who want to remain relevant and up-to-date in the industry. Then, there’s you – fresh out of college, or a specialist desiring a different career getting into the mix.

The truth is that you must supplement whatever level of education or experience with elite specialist training for any true fighting chance. And in IT, no one does it better than Cisco.


Anyone serious about a rewarding career in any IT field knows that a Cisco certification is a sure way to stay ahead in the game. Did you know a staggering most of employers worldwide believe that Cisco certified employees are more knowledgeable and considered assets to their business? What other qualifications will give you such an advantage in your career?

Wait, there’s more. The Cisco partners are known to EXCLUSIVELY hire Cisco certified specialists. This might be the only specialized training that pretty much guarantees employment. How many Cisco partners are there, you ask? It is a global fraternity – you have more than enough options and opportunities! Thus, the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is where you ought to start to reap these benefits.


Exam 200-301 and CCNA Credential

The CCNA 200-301 exam topics cover a wide range of foundational knowledge for every IT career. Once you complete this exam successfully, you will gain immense knowledge of networking, security, and automation. The best thing about the CCNA is that it caters to various IT disciplines, thus not only it guarantees a leg up in your career, but it also exposes you to disciplines you may not have interacted with before.

To start, the recommended training program for the CCNA certification is called Implementing & Administering Cisco Solutions. You can choose your mode of learning as the training program is offered in the form of class lectures, virtual classes, and e-learning. Each mode of study takes an average of 8 days. Upon successful completion of the training program, you can acquire a solid knowledge of the CCNA concepts, which include network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity and services, security fundamentals, programmability, and automation. How extensive is that? Have you started feeling elite yet? It even gets better!


The CCNA 200-301 DOES NOT require any prerequisites for qualifications. You read that right. You don’t need any kind of specialized education. Cisco only recommends that you have a working knowledge of computers, OS navigation skills, basic IP address knowledge, and be adept at using the internet. Do you see how this field attracts players as young as 11 years? What’s your excuse?

And Cisco has made this process easier. Before February 2020, there were a lot of CCNA certifications that you had to receive incrementally to be recognized as a bona fide CCNA specialist. These included the CCNA Cloud, Wireless, Routing and Switching, Security, among many. But because Cisco is determined to be the first and the best, it combined all these units into the Cisco 200-301 exam for easier and faster qualification for you.

Once you complete the training program and pass 200-301, you become a globally-recognized CCNA holder. From this, you may proceed to other Cisco certifications, but thanks to the changes made this year, they also do not necessarily require the CCNA qualifications.


CISCO-certified Network Administrator

Job Opportunities and Salaries for Cisco CCNA Certified

Once you acquire this accreditation, the Cisco CCNA badge will also give you access to grander job opportunities in your choice of discipline. A systems administrator with the CCNA certification has already primed themselves for a network administrator position. If you are a network administrator, the CCNA credential can accelerate your journey to the network engineer. This career ladder promises to go all the way to the IT Director position and possessing the Cisco CCNA is your quickest ticket there.

Did we mention the increase in your earning potential? PayScale.com estimates that CCNA accredited specialists earn $78k yearly. That could be you!

You’re probably reading all this and thinking, “Well, I have already started my career. Can I still take 200-301 exam and become CCNA certified?” Absolutely! Whether you work as an entry-level network engineer, a support technician, an experienced network administrator or help desk technician, the Cisco CCNA certification is an excellent way to bolster your knowledge and boost your career at the same time.



If you want to be internationally recognized for your skills in networking and business communication, and to have an opportunity to earn more and always be at par with an ever-evolving industry, please drop everything right now and look into becoming Cisco CCNA certified. It is now easy since you have to pass only one test, the Cisco 200-301. Just do it!


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