Large Outdoor Signs Vs. Smaller Indoor Signs

An outdoor sign serves as the face of the company. These are usually placed directly at the place of business as the first introduction into who you are and what you have to offer.

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The message needs to make a powerful statement in very few words and images serving as an invitation to the potential customer to come in and find out more, which is where the interior signs take over.

Proper placement for the large custom vinyl banners is within the store’s front window, with lights to be a focal point day and night. Using a spotlight is a great idea to ensure that the display is seen even when other businesses have gone dark.

It not only makes the company stand out over other places, but the sign will capture attention and entice the potential patron to come in where there will be more signs to give further direction.

Using Signage Indoors And Outdoors To Speak To Your Audience

Today, companies still use banners and signs to invite potential customers to join them inside their establishment. Once inside, there are reminders of why they’re there and what they can expect.

You don’t want the banners to be precisely alike, or people will assume the content is similar. It should be complementary to the outdoor piece. Differences between those places on the interior and those on the exterior include:

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The people viewing the signs in the store and on the outside may be from different demographics. The ones who freely come inside are already familiar and have a sense of loyalty to the brand while those viewing the exterior are curious but haven’t decided if they want to venture in yet.

This is why the intentions on the exterior version are so different from that inside. You need to demonstrate to those who are curious about what the brand is about, what they have to look forward to, who you are, and what they’re missing in merely a few words.

Creatively Different

Because their purposes are different, they should be unique to each other. You risk the new customers coming in, not paying attention if the interior signs are identical to those that brought them in.


You need the main sign at the front entrance or in the window display to be a much larger size than the ones scattered throughout the store. The larger size will be more visible and carry greater reach. To learn how to use exterior signage more effectively go to .

You want this signage to capture not only the immediate passersby’s attention but carry to those at a far distance, so it needs to be vibrant, bold, and the content of an easily readable size and high contrast so it can be seen from afar.

For those displayed throughout the store, the text should be of smaller, clear readability to keep them in scope with the environment.


You want to capture attention with the sign intended to bring people in, meaning the colors should be ornate and pop. For those who are familiar with the store, less bold color choices are required but complimentary.

An image can be added to capture attention in either instance, especially for the more massive banner, which is also where lightning is essential so it can be seen at night.

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Final Word

The main difference between the two types of signage that businesses employ as advertising concepts is their purpose. When using an exterior banner, no matter where you decide to display it, the idea is to entice a potential consumer to come in.

The interior signs are typically for those who understand who you are and have already converted. These let them know what you’re offering for them. But they also give the potential new customer who wanders an idea of what they can look forward to while they browse.

These are both very different from each other, but each is vital in its role in serving the preferred demographic. These are among the most effective advertising tools a business can employ to attract customers and retain existing clients.

Brands need to remember that regardless of whether a customer has converted and is loyal to the company, they remain someone you need to continue to woo to retain that relationship. You can’t become complacent and strive only to draw business with the large outdoor banners. It’s just as important, more so, to make your current clients satisfied with your messaging throughout the company. Look at tips on creating effective signage.

Vinyl banners are an inexpensive option yet powerful method for companies to introduce their brand to the public and to speak to their regular clients. They’re tried-and-true tools that have stayed the course over the years, only getting more robust with time. No other technique has been able to survive in this way. That speaks volumes, as do they.


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