How Does AutoZone Store Pick Up Work

When you want to buy an auto part, you likely find yourself choosing between the convenience of ordering online but waiting for delivery and the speed of going to the store.


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Fortunately, AutoZone is offering a compromise. You can order your part online and pick it up at the store. They even offer curbside pickup for auto parts, so you can avoid even going inside.

How To Order Store Pickup

When you go online to AutoZone’s website, you can select your nearby store using the locator. Doing this first will give you accurate information about the store’s inventory levels while you shop.

Then, search for the parts you need. For example, if you needed replacement headlight bulbs for your 2010 Ford Mustang GT, you can use the website filter to only see relevant parts for your vehicle. It even remembers what you chose so that you can continue to shop for the parts you need.

Finally, when you are ready to order, select the store pickup option. This can be from the desk in-store or curbside. It is just about the easiest way imaginable to get your auto parts.

How To Pick Up Your Parts

If you choose to use curbside pickup, just drive to the store and call when you arrive. An associate will bring the parts out and hand them to you. Make sure to identify your vehicle for the fastest process possible. This has become a very popular option due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is safer for everyone compared to shopping in-store. It is also extremely convenient.

Alternatively, you can choose to pick up your items inside the store. In this case, you will simply walk in and verify your information at the desk. You can then walk out with your items and go about your day.

You will need to provide an ID or order confirmation number to show that you are the correct customer. PayPal buyers can give the email they used.

Figuring Out What You Need

The above process is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get auto parts for your vehicle. However, how do you figure out what you need? AutoZone can help there also. They have service manuals available for a broad selection of vehicles.

They also have an extensive set of DIY guides available online. These include links for finding the parts and tools you may need for a specific job. For example, you can learn how to replace headlight bulbs online then click to order the bulbs for your vehicle. Again, this is a fast and easy process that makes working on your vehicle even more enjoyable.

Get Started Working on Your Car Today

There are some great resources available for car enthusiasts who want to take on new projects with their vehicles. If you have an AutoZone near you, using the brand’s excellent website and curbside pickup option is a smart idea. They can help you do more to maintain and fix your car. Whether you are keeping your daily driver in good shape or fixing up a project car, AutoZone can help.


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