3 Ways To Grow Your Business

Over 627,000 new businesses are created each year, and only 51% of enterprises last beyond five years. Opening a business is tough, but the good news is that companies should have, on average, 15-45% year-over-year growth. Thus, it helps to know strategies that you can apply to make your business grow.

Business meeting for growth

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Building a solid business requires accurate data to guide you in making smart decisions. From infusing capital to hiring new talent, there are several ways to scale up your entrepreneurial activity.

Update Information Technology (IT) Equipment and Software

A shrewd business owner uses tools to track and analyze cash flow. Hence, it is vital that you have the right software so that you understand all the costs that are linked to your enterprise’s processes. CoreTech recommends IT managed services, including tracking and analytics software that enables you to maintain a firm and secure grip on your capital. It’s also important to hire the right talent to crunch the numbers for you. Apart from an updated software, your computer hardware must also efficient so that you can bring down costs by automating routine tasks, improve customer relations through better communication, and ultimately, increase business efficiency. A high-speed internet is also essential in order to optimize productivity.

Expand Your Market Reach

Making your product or service available to a wider pool of customers is another way to scale up your business. You might consider opening additional stores in new locations or adding a website for an online shop. Based on analytics that your IT staff will produce, you can identify other groups of people who might use your products. Once a new market has been determined, advertising in media or developing customized marketing campaigns can be done.

Similarly, finding new uses for your product or service is another strategy in expanding your market reach. It will encourage current clients to buy more, and attract new customers to try your products for different reasons. Enlarging your market not only increases sales, but also strengthens your business model because you do not have to rely on just one type of customer.

Branch Out Products Or Services

Diversification is key to growing your operations. You want to focus on products or services that are related to the ones you sell to meet the needs of regular customers. On the other hand, you can also focus on new market segments that have comparable wants and characteristics to your current customers. For example, a delivery service might also want to include packaging materials in their offerings, or a makeup store can include hygiene products. The point is implementing changes in increments will allow you to diversify your products or services and capture a new group of clients.

Choosing the right growth strategy for your company is challenging. If the numbers look promising for growth and revenue, you can scale up your business by updating your IT equipment, expanding your market reach, and diversifying products or services.


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