Simple Steps to Keeping your Employees Safe in The Workplace

Whether you own a small business with a handful of employees, you’re a contractor with a huge team of skilled workmen or you run a busy office when you’re an employer, the safety of your employees is your responsibility.

Maintaining workplace safety

It’s easy to think that accidents in the workplace don’t happen very often, however even the most insignificant of accidents such as a slip or trip can land your employee in hospital and you in hot legal water. The safety of your employees should always be taken seriously. The safer your employees feel the more productive they’ll be in the workplace and the more respected they’ll feel.

Here we’ll examine some simple steps you can take to keep your employees safe in the workplace.

Provide the right equipment

Safety equipment should be provided in all places of work. This equipment is used to avoid injuries and life-threatening situations. Safety stock printed hard hats, gloves, ear protectors, lifting equipment, and high visibility clothing are just some of the most common workplace safety equipment available. These days, companies are now turning to PPE to protect employees and their clients in all kinds of working environments from Covid-19: respiratory protectors, gloves and, of course, face masks are now commonplace.

Teach awareness

It’s not just you that has to keep ahead of all those dangerous scenarios in the workplace. Encourage your employees to take some responsibility for themselves and teach them safety awareness. If there’s something that looks dangerous or a procedure that leaves employees feeling vulnerable, encourage them to speak up and bring it to your attention, this will hopefully reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.

Provide training

When it comes to employee safety, training is good. But regular training is essential. Ensure all employees are familiar with safety practices and that full training is given to those who work with heavy machinery or those who could be putting themselves at risk. Employees should be trained in the basics of first aid, and regular training updates should take place every few months.

Health and safety training isn’t always the most interesting of subjects, so speaking with your HR department about how the training could be delivered in a serious yet engaging way should also be considered.

Risk assessments

If you want to reduce the likelihood of accidents in your workplace then consider bringing in a third party to undertake a risk assessment. Risk assessments will assess every piece of equipment, the lighting, flooring, your current health and safety regulations, your safety equipment etc and highlight where you can make improvements. These assessments can prove to be invaluable when keeping your employees safe.

And finally, common sense

Sometimes, it’s the most basic actions that can prevent an accident. Common sense practices such as keeping walkways clear, ensuring that there is good lighting in all areas, repairing faulty machinery and ensuring all employees are wearing provided safety equipment will help you to keep accident numbers down in the workplace.


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