7 Things to Look Out For in a Good Point-Of-Service Software Solution

A reliable POS system is crucial for the success of any retail business. However, with several systems competing for first place on the market, settling on a final decision can pose a daunting task for the inexperienced small business owner.

Salon business using POS system

Apart from capturing your daily sales, a reliable POS can help you with the following:

  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • Managing customers
  • Management of employees, among others

How do you identify the best POS system for your business to streamline your day-to-day operations? Before purchasing POS software, you’ll need to review the below factors before selecting an excellent point-of-service system that can increase accuracy, generate detailed receipts, and expand payment capabilities.

Inquire about the set-up fee and compatibility of the POS software with your existing hardware

The set-up costs of a reliable POS system will depend on the features you need for your unique business requirements. If you’re unable to find a software program that fulfills your must-haves, you can hire a qualified vendor who’s ready to customize a POS software system that fits your budget restrictions.

Once you have an idea of the accompanying costs, verify the system’s compatibility with your current hardware. Unfortunately, POS systems aren’t compatible with all computer operating systems. In the past, a user would have to pay to upgrade their system to be compatible with different POS versions. Today, software systems are more malleable and adaptable than ever before. Software like this allows you to install and run any version of POS software on your existing computers.

Review the features that come with a POS System

POS systems cater to the needs of different types of businesses, from trading stores to hospitality establishments. The nature of the company that you’re employed by will determine what features you should prioritize when choosing a system.

While there are different systems ideal for various businesses, some point-of-sale software solutions are better suited to support particular companies. The ShopKeep POS system, for example, is tailor-made to serve retailers and restaurants. Whereas, Cash Register Express caters to the unique needs of grocery store owners.

Does the POS system allow cloud storage?

Gone are the days where your business transaction data and other important information would require a physical server. To effectively and mindfully protect company data, programmers build POS systems with cloud storage features for on-the-go access.

Cloud-based POS systems allow the centralization of business data. When you transition from physical to cloud-based storage, you can access your organization sales report anywhere you have internet access.

Ability to track inventory and sales

A reliable POS system should update you on your daily stock. By tracking inventory, you can assure that your business reorders stock when your store runs low to guarantee customer satisfaction. With the right POS system, you can also avoid overstocking simultaneously. Depending on your POS system, some software will allow staff to reorder stock from your supplier directly.

Any sale that your business makes should reflect on the POS system-of-choice. Avoid any POS software system that fails to keep a thorough record of your daily transactions. Additionally, this system should capture the fast-moving goods on your sales records.

Point of Sale system

Does the POS system support customer reward programs?

Every business owner focuses on how they can attract and retain customers in their target demographic. Offering loyalty points and awarding discounts to their customers are among two of the primary methods businesses depend on for sales boosts. A robust POS system should allow your business to provide these rewards with ease.

These reward programs will strengthen the bond between owner and customer and solidify customer loyalty, which will improve your business sales. If your POS software system bars your sales teams from inputting these discount codes or accepting distributed coupons, your customer relationships could suffer.

Can you integrate the POS system with other software?

While an ideal POS system should be capable of balancing various functions in your business, you should look out for a system that allows integration with third-party software. By reviewing your POS software’s integration capabilities before purchase, you’ll be able to automate more of your business functions. Some of the business functions that you can integrate with your potential POS system are accounting and marketing functions, e-commerce services, among others.

Ability to deliver reports

Business owners rely on reports to make informed decisions. Your decision-making abilities will depend on the quality of data you base your decision upon in your day-to-day operations. Search for a POS system that is capable of generating essential reports that will help you arrive at a reasonable solution.


For your business to succeed amid a competitive environment, you’ll need to identify a POS system that will introduce an element of efficiency into your operations. The features mentioned above should guide you in your decision as you look to invest in a POS software system.


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