How to Calculate Letter Grade to GPA?

Commonly, in your high school classes, your final grades are granted in alphabetical order such as A-, B +, etc. or percentages like 92% out of 100%, 85%, etc.


A GPA is the abbreviated form of grade point average that transforms these alphabets or percentages into numbers and then averages those numbers unitedly. Because it consists of all your grades, and in the case of college admission GPA is the main factor. It is an immeasurable symbol of your knowledge, work ethic, determination, and enthusiasm to promote yourself.

How does a GPA perform?

Your grade point average gives you a record of how well you are doing in your class. It is essential to trace your GPA throughout the school to recognize what educational level you are at, exceptionally, if you are going to appear for colleges or universities shortly.

Your Grade Point Average is a number that is used to decide your progress during the whole of your degree curriculum. Your GPA numbers can go up and down during your educational course. And GPA will judge you by depending upon how much you have improved in your overall grades.

And for calculating your GPA, you can take help from

Unweighted GPA Vs Weighted GPA

GPAs are generally measured on an unweighted system, which is from 0 to 4.0. It means the hardness of your courses will not be granted. If you get an A grade in an easy class or a more difficult one, then it will provide a 4.0.

Weighted GPAs present a more exact ranking of your educational endeavours. They further use a varying range from 0 to 5.0. If you need to know how to calculate weighted GPAs, you have to understand that they convey the report according to the challenge of your courses. For example, an A in a lower class will be marked as a 4.0. Whereas, an A in a higher standard will be graded as a 5.0.

How to calculate the GPA?

Several grades you earn, whether it’s during the statistical method, letter-grade mode, or percentage method, epistolizes to a quality period. A quality point is nearly at a 4.0 scale within 0 and 4 or a multiple of 4. The most appropriate grade you can get is A, 10, 5, 100%, and so on will match the highest number on such a scale.

Let’s discuss another example to get things cleared. Suppose you have taken three subjects such as Biology, Mathematics, and English. Where biology and mathematics contain 2 credits, and English contains 3 credits.

Suppose you have got a C grade in biology. So, on the GPA scale C means 2.0. Similarly, you have earned grade B in mathematics and grade A in English where B means 3.0 and A means 4.0 on the GPA scale.

If we multiply the grades with the number of credits for each course, we found that you have got 4-grade points for Biology, 6 for Mathematics, and 12 for English. As a result, you have gained 22-grade points. To estimate your average GPA, we need to divide that number of grade scores with the whole number of credits of the subjects you have chosen. So, the result is 2+2+3=7. It is the process to calculate the GPA that is 3.14.


In a nutshell, it may be concluded that a GPA credit symbolizes the weighting representative appointed to a grade to utilize in the grade point average estimation. There are numerous ways available to determine a student’s educational performance in which GPA is one of the best paths. The GPA is measured by using the number of grade points that a student scored in a provided period. GPAs are estimated for undergraduate and postgraduate students in various colleges.


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