How to Create Effective Training Materials: A Quick Guide

Learning and development are essential to any business, big and small, and developing and utilizing proper training materials is extremely important.

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Plus, employees are more likely to be happy and stick with your company if they feel there is an investment in them as workers. In fact, 94% of employees say they’d stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning.

Are you interested in finding out how to create the best learning and training materials you can? Maybe you feel your business is lagging behind by not pushing employees to excel? Perhaps you feel you’re not getting the most out of your workers?

Keep reading to learn what you can do to change that.

Training Material Development

Developing proper training materials is a great place to start. You first need to know your objective of each training program. Then, develop a plan for training or classes. After that, it’s time to compose a list of all of the training materials needed.

Next up, you’ll want to write out and explain the core skills needed to learn and pass the training program. Each learning objective should have its own separate section.

Remember to always use some form of visuals. In today’s world, that goes a long way. Make sure there is a section for review and practice exercises. Role-playing is always a great option.

Each skill should have an assessment component to it and don’t forget to ask for anonymous feedback from employees about your training process.

Create Effective Corporate Training Materials

To create effective corporate training materials you’ll want to focus on making them immersive and impactful. You need to identify where the “skill gaps” are with all of your employees.

The worst thing you can do is give employees training on something they’ve already mastered. You can avoid that by giving each of them a “pre-test” to find out what they do well and what they need help with.

Targeted training is the most efficient and effective way to train corporate employees.

Quality video training sessions are another great tool you can use for corporate training. One on one in-person training can be very expensive.

By creating quality training videos your employees can have them on hand and go back to them regularly when they need some help.

Portable training or mobile learning is also a great tool you can implement. Your employees can utilize mobile learning while commuting to and from work or while traveling on business trips.

Have you ever heard of the term “gamification”? Gamification incorporates game mechanics and designs to help motivate employees to achieve their goals. Put up a leaderboard and award badges or points for achieving training goals.

Financial reward through gamification

Create Free Diversity and Inclusion Materials

Some great training exercises to help with diversity and inclusion are:

  • Diversity Briefings
  • In-Office Happy Hours
  • Photo or Snapshot Board
  • Cultural Dish Potlucks

Ready, Set, Go!

Now you’re ready to invigorate more skill and excitement into your company with creating excellent training materials. Your employees will thank you and your bottom line will show it.

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