Involved in an Accident? Here’s Why You Need a Lawyer

Far too often, when a person is injured in some kind of accident, they are too distracted with their daily responsibilities to think about court proceedings or lawyers. They’re too busy with work or taking care of children that they don’t stop to think about the repercussions of the accident that will more than likely cause reciprocal damage to the quality of their life.

Hiring a lawyer

The long term impact of an accident can cause more harm than you might expect, and here’s why you need a lawyer.

Providing Evidence and Proving Liability

Whether it was a car crash or a fall that took place at work, someone will be held liable if you go to court. Evidence of the crash or surrounding area where the accident took place is essential in determining liability. The lawyers at suggest consulting professionals who have the expertise in this type of situations to collect evidence and evaluate liability. If you do not have a lawyer, then you could be held responsible for the accident and could have to fit the bill for any damages or doctor bills incurred.

Photos or any names of witnesses should be collected at the scene of an accident. If you were injured, then chances are, this was not possible. That’s why it’s always good to have a lawyer on speed dial. Evidence that can be produced from a “black box” recorder could be very handy in a court of law. Requesting one of these however will require a court order, hence the need for a lawyer.

To Defend Yourself Against the Other Side

In your eyes, your innocence and the person responsible might seem clear as day. But as the saying goes, in court, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. You may not see the need to get a lawyer, but this is even more of a reason to get a lawyer. You can bet that the other side is going to assign the best lawyer they can afford, especially if they think there’s a chance they could be held liable for expensive damages or hospital bills. If the other side pleads not guilty for the accident, then you’ll need a lawyer who can prove otherwise. Come to court unprepared and risk having to spend a lot more money than what a lawyer cost.

Seeing to the Settlement Process

If the court case goes in your favor, and the other side decides to settle, you’ll need someone to see that you get a fair settlement. Your legal team will be able to ensure that you get the compensation you need to cover any costs that arose from the accident. It’s probably that your accident will fall into small claims court. There are many avenues for resolving a small claim, but if there’s no chance of friendly negotiation, then you’ll need to come to court equipped if you want to get a fair settlement.

Accessing legal resources

Change in Work Status

If your accident was so severe that you had to sit out of work for an extended period of time, or if your work status is altered indefinitely, then you most definitely need to get a lawyer. Being able to provide for your family is a non-negotiable. If your accident has left you unable to pay the bills, then you’ll need a lawyer to get you compensation that will cover not only your doctor bills and damages to property, but also your regular monthly income. Without a lawyer, this could be impossible, as you would be requesting a lot of money and would need to navigate complicated legal proceedings to get fair compensation.

Knowing the Steps

If you’ve ever watched a courtroom television series, then you still know little to nothing about how complicated and drawn out legal battles can be. If information isn’t sought after or presented at the right time, then case winning evidence could be completely tossed out. It’s vital and necessary that the right steps are executed at the correct time. You risk being held accountable for all injuries or damages if you’re not quick to assign a lawyer to your case.

Enduring a legal battle can be a long and treacherous road, but it’s even more threatening if you don’t go to court prepared. By involving a lawyer, you will give yourself a fighting chance, where you could otherwise fall victim to more than just the injuries you sustained through an accident. At the very least, make sure you get sound legal advice from a lawyer who has your best interests in mind. That way, you can at least know what lies ahead.


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