Why Wire Mesh Cable Trays Are Gaining Popularity?

As structural systems, cable trays secure, fasten and manage the massive bundles of electrical cables traversing buildings and other establishments. Wire mesh trays are two-sided and lightweight wire baskets you can hang via wall, center, and trapeze-style supports for maneuvering around obstacles and protecting against electrostatic interferences.

Cable trays in a store

The system offers several potential benefits that includes:

Less Time And Effort To Install

A wide array of wire brackets, supports, and mounts make the cable tray installation fast and effortless. The trays are lightweight and can be installed by a single person. For contractors strapped for time, this is a big savior.

The trays don’t need on-site fabrication, and you can install the entire system- including fittings and supports-faster than a conduit wiring system. After installing the trays, all you need to do is pull the cables across the facility up to the termination point.

Massive Cost Savings

Since the wire mesh cable trays have open ends, they need lesser steel than other options like ladder trays, channel-style, or solid bottom trays. The material saving leads to better cost savings in the transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces.

Even the supporting span is shorter for wire mesh trays. This, in turn, saves accessories required for installation, especially in the complex industrial or commercial environments.

Flexibility In Cable Management And Routing

Due to their flexibility, cable trays do not need field fabrication for installation around obstacles. You can choose hybrid systems combining the ease and strength of ladder tray-style installation with generic wire baskets’ flexibility.

The cables can be dropped across an open structure at any point of the mesh, and you can organize them easily with cable ties at various junctions. It allows transitioning up and down, making several turns, and bringing the edges together.

Versatile Applications

The versatility of cable trays makes them perfect for installations in data centers, manufacturing plants, oil and gas industries, offices, etc.

Typically, it comes in finishes like electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and acid-proof 316L stainless steel in compliance with industrial standards. You can choose the right solution according to your project’s specifications.

Better Grounding And Bonding

The cable tray industry has evolved with time, and manufacturers focus on proper bonding and grounding to reduce EMI interferences. Metallic mesh trays allow seamless electrical continuity in bends, couplings, crossing walls, level changes, etc.

Seek professional guidance for choosing cable trays that are tested and compliant with UL and NEMA VE-1/CSA standards. The coupler resistance shouldn’t exceed 5m? for straight sections and 1m? for connections.

It ensures integration into the equipotential grounding network for reduced coupling effects and excellent EMC levels when attaching the tray sections. The open structure reduces crosstalk.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Wire mesh trays are usually installed under raised floors or above drop ceilings. The temperatures may run high and cause electrical resistivity that heats aluminum and copper cores when an electric current runs through the cables.

Heat dissipation is essential in these circumstances to reduce resistivity and save energy. Since wire mesh trays have a basket-like design that allows proper ventilation, heat dissipation becomes much easier. It, therefore, reduces energy wastage and assures better performances.

Cleanliness and sanitation guidelines are getting stringent for the food processing industry. Rodents can make it challenging. But mesh trays solve this problem due to their open bottoms. The design also prevents dust accumulation and frequent maintenance. Approach a licensed professional before installation to choose the right system and minimize downtimes due to faulty cable management.





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