Why You Must Always Hire a Licensed Electrician for Electrical Tasks

When you need electrical work done in your building, it’s crucial to only hire a licensed electrician to get the job done. DIY electrical jobs are always a bad idea, even when you think it’s just an easy fix. Most of the time, DIY electricians fall short of enough knowledge to work to code and ensure your safety.

Licensed electrician

Whether you need to install an appliance that requires its own breaker, or you need to hardwire something into an existing circuit, the only person who should be touching your electrical components is a licensed and insured electrician.

Here’s why.

Poor installations can cause major problems

Anything electrical that gets installed wrong can cause major problems in the short-term or long-term.…

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Federal Pacific Breakers: 7 Key Takeaways

Federal Pacific Electric was a popular manufacturer of both home and commercial electrical panels from the 1950s through the 1980s. At the time, their breaker boxes had a positive reputation for affordability and reliability.

Federal Pacific breakers

photo credit: sevans27 / Flickr

Though that reputation changed over time as it became evident that the panels posed increased electrical safety risks over alternative panels, they can still be found in many modern homes. Electricians and homeowners, alike, can read on to find out about seven key takeaways about Federal Pacific breakers.

1. Federal Pacific Breakers Pose Serious Safety Risks

Studies have found that the original Federal Pacific STAB-LOK breakers malfunctioned and failed to trip more than a quarter of the time that they detected 135% electrical surges.…

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Why Wire Mesh Cable Trays Are Gaining Popularity?

As structural systems, cable trays secure, fasten and manage the massive bundles of electrical cables traversing buildings and other establishments. Wire mesh trays are two-sided and lightweight wire baskets you can hang via wall, center, and trapeze-style supports for maneuvering around obstacles and protecting against electrostatic interferences.

Cable trays in a store

The system offers several potential benefits that includes:

Less Time And Effort To Install

A wide array of wire brackets, supports, and mounts make the cable tray installation fast and effortless. The trays are lightweight and can be installed by a single person. For contractors strapped for time, this is a big savior.…

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