4 Things Your Business Needs to Perform Remotely

Working remotely has never been a universal process for so many people until now. Therefore, as people adjust to the ‘new normal’ longer term – after the initial transition almost overnight – businesses are asking themselves just what exactly they need to ensure steady progress and growth.

Busy remote worker

SaaS Software

The very first thing on the agenda for businesses is Saas HR software. Removing the need for users to install anything themselves, cloud-based HR software means that there is no physical housing of data so that you can just set it up quickly and effectively.

However, it also means that the system is fully accessible 24/7, no matter where you are. It will also update automatically on its own whenever updates are required, therefore removing the need for planned work by IT teams who can prioritise other work.

These small wins are so important to maximise both time and finances; as now that remote working has moved from what was thought to be a temporary solution to a long term approach, businesses are moving towards solutions that underpin their goals.

Collaboration Tools

If your staff are not seeing each other day to day, then creativity and teamwork could suffer as a result. Enter collaboration tools that help you to brainstorm ideas, create task lists, set actions for individuals or teams, and help to keep track of projects.

Collaboration online has taken massive strides in recent years, where previously they were designed for use in-house across teams or with outside clients.

However, they have been successfully used by many companies lately for use in remote working and have proven to provide staff members with a place to continue working together effectively.

Video Calls

It is well known by now that the likes of Zoom and Skype have been widely adopted quickly by businesses far and wide during lockdown. Quick and easy to set up and use, they are the saving grace for many companies who rely on meetings and catch ups to organise and discuss work.

It is usually a lot better to video call so that you can maintain that visual connection of your work colleagues who you probably have not seen for months. Plus, they usually provide options for screen sharing too which has its practical use.

However, reports have warned that there have been signs of ‘Zoom fatigue’ with some employees and advise that where it is suitable, it is better for some calls to be done over the phone or even whilst walking.

Work-life Balance

Just focusing on that last point for a moment of going for a walk while on a work call, it is important to acknowledge that working remotely has its challenges.

Spending so much time alone all day and away from your colleagues is not what we as a society are used to, and so, business owners need to think about the work-life balance of their staff.

This is probably the single most important thing in a new widespread remote working strategy. If your staff burn out quickly they will be less happy and their mental health could suffer, so it is crucial that you factor in time at home for them to take a break and encourage it too.


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