Why a Warehouse is The Solution to The growth of your business

As the efforts you take to grow your business succeed, you simultaneously create a new challenge for yourself to overcome: chiefly ensuring you have the resources to meet increased demand. This is particularly pertinent for businesses which sell physical stock, as storage and distribution becomes pivotal to maintaining a customer base.

Warehouse service

When considering the function of a warehouse, one would instinctively think of these facilities being solely used by large, often international, organisations; on the contrary, though, warehouses can be just as important to small businesses as it allows their primary premises to be used solely for production.

There is no limit to the range of products, components and goods that are stored in warehouses globally, and GLP properties cater for all business needs.

What Type of Storage Facilities that you Need?

Broadly speaking, there are two distinct categories of storage facilities: industrial and commercial. The difference between the two may not be dramatic, however the respective types of facilities are suited to particular requirements that the other may not be suitable for – by investing in the wrong type for your business, you run the risk of accruing additional costs to make them suitable by retrofitting.

If your business only requires storage of inventory, a commercial warehouse is the optimum solution for simplicity and cost. Alternatively, if your stock requires a level of manufacturing in order to create the finished items, or you desire onsite office space, an industrial space will be more suitable to accommodate these requirements.

Of course, with both these types of facility other factors will need to be considered, namely logistics: the functionality of the space you choose and transportation of goods, either to customers or other business premises.

GLP Profile

GLP operate globally across a multitude of industries and have amassed a wealth of experience which puts them in a unique position to assist customers with industry-leading knowledge. GLP has only recently begun operations in Europe, however, formerly Gazeley, the company have over thirty years of expertise across prime European locations, such as: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Outside of Europe, GLP operate in China, India, Japan, Brazil and the U.S., boasting 9 million square meters of warehouse space to their customers.

GLP are dedicated to providing supreme customer satisfaction, and 70% of their customers being repeat business demonstrates how they’re succeeding. Moreover, this commitment to the customer experience plays a key role in their close relationship with various household brands: Amazon, Adidas, Tesco, John Lewis, Asda, Walmart, H&M and Volkswagen, just to name a few.

Perhaps somewhat unusually GLP do not have a central global headquarters – instead they prefer to allow their offices to focus on their local markets, building a stronger business by being experts across different regions. Committed to sustainability too, GLP are mindful of their impact on the environment and try to redress this by powering 20,000 homes a year with their fleet of solar panels. Regardless of which sector your business operates in, GLP offer a competitive solution which will allow your business to grow further.


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