7 Ways to Use Instagram Video to Growth Hack Your Account

If you want your Instagram account to grow quickly and generate more leads and sales, you should create more videos. Videos generate more attention than other types of content as they move in the feed. People’s eyes are naturally drawn to them.

Creating video content for YouTube

Creating videos for Instagram might seem like a colossal task. This is why I have shared some tips on video creation and other strategies that will simplify the process and help you grow your account quickly…

Create videos that are a few seconds long

One thing you will like about the video creation process is that your videos don’t have to be very long. Short videos will work best. Instagram actually lets you only publish short videos that are less than 60 seconds. But studies have found that shorter videos do even better. The recommended length is 26 seconds long. Isn’t that good news? You don’t have to waste time creating really long. You can create a short one in under an hour.

Make sure you take several shots and clips over several minutes and then trim the video down to a few seconds. As the video should be a condensed version with a lot of quality content. The better your content is the more engagement and followers you will generate.

Post others videos

Don’t just post your own videos, but also videos from other people. If you come across a video on another account on Instagram that makes you go, “that’s amazing, why didn’t I think of this?” then you have to publish it.

You don’t have to only post the content you create. You want people to follow you because your account posts the best content. This way of posting others content will make your site the hub of the best Instagram videos. There are actually a lot of accounts that just post videos from other creators and amassed millions of followers.

Posting others’ content will also help you build relationships with other users and that’s what social media is all about. If they like what you did for them they will do the same by posting your video on their account. This can get you, followers.

Brand your videos

Make sure you brand your videos as some of the people who publish your videos on their channel won’t tag your account. Some will even try to steal it and pawn it off as their own. Branding will prevent that. You can easily do this by adding your business name, or website, or logo to one of the corners of the video.

When you brand videos, people will always know that you created it and they will check you out. This can lead to more account impressions and views.

Create better captions and thumbnails

Instagram videos aren’t just about the video bit. There are other parts to the videos. These include…

Captions: You need to write really good captions that expand on where the video leaves or provide some context. It’s also important to include calls to action that tell people what to do after they watch the video.

Hashtags: Make sure you end the caption with hashtags. And add a lot of them as several studies have shown that captions with 11+ hashtags generate the most engagement. But be very strategic with your hashtags and add the most relevant ones.

Thumbnails: To maximize video views, you should add thumbnails. These should contain a still from the image and overlay such as text and other elements. You can quickly create one with a video editor, background remover, and photo editor.

If you have a bigger budget, you can outsource a good freelance designer to you help you create a top-quality thumbnail.

Increasing Instagram followers

Tag products in videos

Instagram lets you tag products in videos. This is a great way to generate more sales. As people can find products directly from your videos instead of having to find ‘the link in bio’.

Create a custom audience

You can retarget the people who view your organic videos. So, you can use organic video to warm up your audience and then retarget them with ads. But to do this you will need to create a custom audience consisting of video viewers.

Use video ads

When you retarget people, make sure you do so with video ads. As 31% of people who watch them convert to sales. They can generate more sales than still ads. You can actually tag products in your video ads to increase your click-through rate.


These are the different ways to use Instagram video to growth hack your account. You will begin seeing excellent results as soon as you implement them.


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