Video Chat App: How to Build it in 2021

As the world progresses, video calling has become a very crucial part of life. It is finding its importance not just for entertainment and communication purposes but also for educational and business-related work. There has been a substantial rise in the popularity of video chatting applications.

Using video chat app

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To build a video chat app, one must know certain vital elements to achieve success in the field and stand out from competitors in the market – and all of these you can find in the article by the link above.

Several video chatting applications have made their name in the market and are commonly used by people. These applications can either be pure video calls apps that do not have chatting options like Google Duo, FaceTime, or apps that also have messaging and many other features like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. To learn more about how to make a messaging app like WhatsApp, read the article at the link.

Key features of a video chatting application

  • The registration process for the application should be quick and convenient for the user. The users should have the option to log-in through various social media platforms to make the process fast.
  • The user should have this unique profile in the application with specific details like a profile picture, username, and the user’s status.
  • The application should be user-friendly and allow the user to perform desired actions within the application like managing contacts.
  • Options like video and voice call must be made available as it is the essence of the application. Several technologies can be used to create such communications.
  • It should have an option to host calls in groups up to a specific number considering the popularity of such applications amongst friends, workplace, and educational institutions.
  • Constant notifications should be sent by the applications, making the user aware of any new messages or calls from anyone.
  • The application should have a cloud synchronization to help the user recover all the data in case it is lost at any instance. It also helps the application function properly with a weak internet connection.

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Steps to build a video calling application

  • While making a video calling application, one must have a distinct notion that is clear in the developer’s mind.
  • Comprehensive market examination has to be done to recognize the applications proposed to focus on in the application.
  • The intended audience needs to be kept in mind to keep the business thriving, which in such a scenario would either be the young generation who use it for entertainment, educational institutes, students, and professionals. Past that, approach and organization are the key aspects that have to be emphasized. The developer needs to note all the essential features and focus on the application’s advancement in terms of profit and target audience.
  • It is vital to choose a mobile development platform out of the several outlets in the market, although Android and IOS occupy 99% of the market. The pros and cons of all the media need to be considered before making an informed decision.
  • Prototyping is a 3 stage process while building a video calling application, namely, conceptual, interactive, and animated. Use of specific tools like In Vision, Principle,, and Axure need to be made to check the performance and improve the UX of the application.
  • A choice between UX and UI needs to be made now, and the focus needs to shift on features that make the user interface smooth and attractive visually. Primarily the design and sound quality of the application also need to be kept in mind.
  • Now, the performance optimization needs to be thrown light on. The application must have powerful hardware, the correct platform must be picked, and experienced developers should be hired.
  • Several foundational performance tuning methods like MSAA, Interlacing, and Compression can be employed while developing the application. Stability must exist in the app, which can be achieved using Media Stream, RTC Peer Connection, or RTC Data Channel depending on the set of standards a developer is looking for.
  • Product quality is very crucial while releasing an application. To avoid the application from failing, a beta version must be released, along with several tests that must be performed like smoke testing, retesting, regression test, and performance test to check the app’s speed, battery usage, etc.
  • Improvements need to be made based on the feedback or review, and a final release needs to be made on the chosen platform.

The features and steps of building a video chat are crystal clear, and the trends promise it a long life. To make your video chat app, you need an idea and a team that can fulfill it.


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