How to Make Business Trips as Easy as Possible

Business travel can throw up a range of challenges that might take even the experienced by surprise. But even if you aren’t bowled over by any of them, you might find yourself exhausted by the time you get to the hotel – and therefore not at your best when you come to conduct the actual business.

Businessman on a business trip

You might take some reassurance from the fact that this is a common problem, and that there are a few effective measures you might take to limit the stress, and to ensure that the journey doesn’t take too much out of you.

Know your Train Schedules

Knowing exactly how and when you’re going to get to the airport will take a load off your mind. Train times to London and other major cities can be found online.

Take everything in hand-luggage

If you’re travelling alone, then there’s no real reason to take a huge suitcase filled with superfluous items. Work out how long you’re going to be staying for, and sort out your wardrobe so that it can fit into a smaller case. This way, you’ll avoid the stress of wondering whether your luggage is going to actually turn up on the baggage carousel.

Pre-book transfers

If you know ahead of time that your transfers are taken care of, then you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you get off the plane. Moreover, you’ll end up spending considerably less if you pre-book.

Stay in Shape

When you’re travelling, it’s easy to value convenience over what’s really good for you – and to lapse into poor fitness habits. Make sure that you’ve got access to a gym – or to a park where you can run around in circles for a good half-hour.

Get Multiple Room Keys

Sometimes, you’ll arrive at an unfamiliar hotel and find that your keycard doesn’t work. Get around this by asking for multiple keys when you first get there. Your mileage might vary, but three keys is usually enough.

Stay Hydrated

You might find that there are long periods while you’re travelling where you’re unable to get hold of a bottle of water – so make sure that you always have one spare and stay hydrated throughout the day. Invest in a reusable one and keep it in your hand-luggage. That way you’ll avoid getting ripped off at the airport.

Dress for Comfort

You might need to catch up on your sleep while you’re on the plane, and doing so will be tricky if you don’t feel entirely at ease. Wear something that’s loose-fitting, and invest in a quality neck-pillow to prevent yourself from waking up with a stiff neck.


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