Video Calling Apps You Can Use to Make Virtual Calls From China Besides Skype

Without a doubt, video conferencing apps have reaped big in this COVID-19 pandemic era. Why? Because a significant percentage of employees have been forced by social distancing circumstances to work from home. Same can be said of VPN apps, and if you are yet to find a reliable VPN, read about Astrill China eligibility.

Video calling apps

Video conferencing apps have bridged the communication gap between companies/organization management and employees.

For those in China, or with clients in China, there is always the uncertainty of some apps being banned for various reasons. China is known for its strong internet policies and restrictions, which change from time to time. If you live in China or have a client/s in the same country, you would want a variety of video conferencing apps.

This is because relying on just one app is limiting yourself and preparing yourself for disaster should that one app get banned. Besides Skype, which are these other video conferencing apps?


Zoom logo

If there is an app that has taken the world by storm in 2020, it is this one. Its founder is a China born American national. The video conferencing app can accommodate several callers, making it perfect for boardroom virtual meetings, all while offering both video and audio clarity.

Zoom has enjoyed massive profits in year 2020 after its demand skyrocketed due to COVID-19 work environment interruptions. In the third quarter of 2020, the video conferencing app had reported a revenue growth of $777 Million. If you are yet to utilize Zoom, you are missing out on a lot.


This app was originally developed by Jack Ma’s multinational tech firm Alibaba, for local or restricted use within China. After COVID-19 struck, they expanded its audience reach and made it global. Besides making virtual calls (accommodates up to 300 people simultaneously), the app also allows file sharing. After it was made global, it has experienced a positive download growth rate of 1,446% in the corona pandemic period. That makes it yet another app you can count on.


WeChat logo

Another app for your list, WeChat is the type of app that allows you to do more than just video call. Not only can you video conference using WeChat, you can also pay bills and transfer funds via the same. On video calls, the app can accommodate multiple people, making it perfect for business oriented video calls or even virtual family gatherings. It is accessible by people from around the world.


This iOS only oriented app could come in handy too, but only if your recipients are owners of Apple products too. That’s its limiting feature, not working for android gadgets.


All hope is not lost as far as making video calls from or to China is concerned. They may have banned several messaging and chatting apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, etc. but there are some apps like the ones listed above you can count on.


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