USANA Finishes 2020 with Awards for Product Innovation and Excellence in PR

USANA is a notable player in the supplement industry and a leader in cellular nutrition today. For 25 years, the company has strategized on the best ways to promote health within the body. Its leaders have researched countless ingredients in an effort to give customers an edge in such a crowded marketplace. It seems as though much of the staff’s hard work is beginning to pay off.

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In 2020, the company received more than 60 honors for its work, an accomplishment that is not taken for granted. At the end of the year, the company closed out with two additional awards that highlighted excellence in product innovation and public relations. We’ll tell you more about these honors and how the company has carved out a place in the market by constantly striving for more.

Oral Care Line Wins Product Innovation Award

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is a professional organization that operates to protect the companies that market products directly to consumers as well as the consumers that purchase them. The Product Innovation Award from the DSA recognizes products that have made waves by challenging the status quo.

DSA sets high standards for its members, which is why USANA was thrilled to receive an award for its Oral Care line. The Oral Probiotic and Flouride-free Whitening Toothpaste were products that managed to stand out and win.

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer of USANA, Dan Macuga, remarked that “Like so many of USANA’s innovations, our Oral Care line is truly unique—the products are like nothing available on the market today.”

Macuga credits the dedication of the many departments that worked together to make the Oral Care line a reality. The probiotic is a gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free way to promote fresh breath and help restore the natural microflora in the mouth.

To use the probiotic, all you need to do is place a tablet in the mouth and move it around the mouth and gums for up to five minutes after brushing. As a bonus, those who use it at night will find that they wake up to a refreshed and clean mouth.

PRNews Awards USANA Executive a Top Women in PR Award

Jessica Reimer-Arias has more than 15 years of experience in her field and has proven herself time and time again to be a dedicated and effective worker. PRNews recognizes the top talents in the industry and Reimer-Arias was able to clinch a Top Women in PR award at the end of the year.

Public relations has never been trickier in today’s connected culture. The PRNews awards are there to spotlight the individuals who push the boundaries, eschew assumptions, and rise to the difficult task of connecting with an ever-distracted audience.

Reimer-Arias has the drive to do all of these things and more. She’s been praised for her diligence, leadership, and results by colleagues. The Executive Vice President of Marketing at USANA, Ashley Collins said “Jessica is dedicated to her work, and we are so lucky to have her at USANA.” She also commented that the award-winning Jessica has shown a fierce determination when it comes to succeeding at her goals.

This Executive Director has had her hand in a number of product launches, both in terms of general oversight and direct leadership. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she had a lot to do with the Oral Care line that was singled out by DSA.

The finalists for this year showcased the sheer weight of PR professionals today. Community relationships, internal communication policies, crisis management: these are all on the agenda for people like Reimer-Arias, and she’s shown that she has the courage and the wherewithal to face the music and pass with flying colors.


USANA has seen a lot of attention this year because of its continued commitment to excellence. When the company designs its products, the staff thinks about the health of the customer before making any decisions.

The antioxidants and vitamins in its supplements have been also shown to promote health in a variety of individuals across the age spectrum. The company has tackled everything from eye health to weight management to menopause and more.

For example, USANA’s Stress Relief supplement is a dynamic formula made from herbal ingredients, such as lemon balm and saffron. These have been used for many years as remedies for occasional stress. They support the GABA receptors in the brain that can help regulate and balance the user’s mood.

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How to Use the USANA Line

Leaders recommend customers peruse products from the different categories, but to start by prioritizing baseline needs first. Their Essential Nutrition line offers a number of daily supplements designed for general use.

Some people might take these to ensure they’re getting the nutrients that they’re not getting from their diets. There are a number of options under this category for different kinds of people, such as the Vita Antioxidant™. This formula offers a broad spectrum of vitamins and antioxidants that can activate cells and support renewal.

From there, customers can choose optimizers that target individual needs, such as the immune system. Products like Proflavanol® C100 contain Vitamin C, which has been shown to support a healthy immune system.

The USANA Promise

USANA wants people to put themselves first when it comes to their health. Their goal is simply to provide customers with the tools they need to feel proud of their bodies. It’s why the company also offers a personal care line with an array of products in addition to both broad-spectrum and targeted supplements alike.

From lustrous hair to supple skin to visibly full lips, there are so many ways for customers to develop smarter routines with the right kinds of products. These small, daily changes can have a profound effect on an individual, helping them to take stock of the many daily choices that add up to personal health.

The company also offers Food & Energy products that were designed to give people more control over what they eat. For instance, the Delicious Nutrimeal™ shakes can be used as a meal replacement. Whether someone is on the go or just looking for a way to cut back on calories, it’s an alternative that can open up doors to how they manage their hunger.

These shakes provide the fiber, protein, and beneficial fats the body needs, helping people avoid the kinds of foods that so often leave them exhausted or uncomfortable by the end of the last bite.

A Better Tomorrow

It’s not always easy to understand the human body, especially when we’re constantly learning new things about what it can do. USANA was founded on carving out better practices for everyday people, and the company’s leaders take their mission very seriously.

USANA does not continue to debut ground-breaking products for the awards, even if its leadership team whole-heartedly appreciates the recognition. The company wants to promote brighter tomorrows for all of its users by helping them feel their best.

As the company heads into 2021, it’s clear that the team will continue challenging the assumptions the public makes about their health. As they develop new products and round out their lines, it seems likely we’ll see additional professional honors and awards on the horizon for USANA this year as well.


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