Why are Manual Timesheets a Waste of Time?

Timesheets are the data table that measures how much time an employee spent on his work.

People say Timesheets don’t help them track the exact working hours. Using this as an advantage, some easily manipulate their clock in and clock out in a manual timesheet (which we talk about in detail in the article.)

Manual timesheet

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An improved version of this system is the timesheet management software. One of the major problems of making wrong time entries is that it affects the payroll as well.

Here are some of the problems with manual timesheet management software.

Inaccuracy in tracking

Isn’t it weird when you notice timesheets with on-time entry to work? Either all workers are punctual, or they are faking it.

Many companies don’t consider this a big issue, but it affects the bigger picture’s turnover. For example, in a thousand employees, 500 are making fake entries in the timesheet management software for a week- an hour extra than their actual worked hours.

This affects the revenue as most companies’ systems are on an hourly basis. For an hour, if an employee gets $30, imagine the amount you have to pay for the work, which is not done. It’s huge.

Inability to export data

Let’s say, for processing payroll, you’re entering the timesheet data into an excel sheet then double checking it for errors. Then, you have to transfer this data into payroll software. Some software accepts data import while others don’t.

Even if it allows, some companies prefer manual entry. This manual entry, recheck, and reentries are a long and time-consuming process.

It would take hours to process payments for thousands of employees. Ugh!

It doesn’t track the REAL-TIME

Employees come up with all sorts of excuses when you find missing timesheets. Sometimes, even if you have all the entries, the handwriting is not legible enough to understand it. Fairly, not everyone has good handwriting. These issues go overboard and leave you in confusion.

If your company prefers to adopt a software solution to overcome these issues, it is well and good.

On the other hand, a new complaint arises with the timesheet management software. It doesn’t track the real-time.

For example, Your employee is assigned two to more tasks for a day. He is working on two tasks simultaneously. In this case, what task does the software take into account?

And, how will it track time for lunch breaks and other mini-breaks? Does the employee have to use the same manual entry?

These questions make us think, right?

Fails to integrate

Today’s software solutions have become advanced. They understand our needs better. Most of them integrate with other apps to provide seamless reports.

Sadly, some timesheets don’t follow this pattern. It makes processing payroll, project management difficult with time.

For example, When you’re planning for a project, if you want to know the exact time required to complete the project, you need the hours worked on a similar project. During this time, you can’t calculate manually from timesheets.

In this case, an integrated timesheet management software can help you in getting that data instantly with just a few clicks.

The Alternative to timesheets

Keeping in mind all these limitations, professionals have presented the time tracking software. This software runs in the background and tracks the time spent on each project effectively.

Without needing to enter the date and timing, this kind of automated software even records your website history and URL logins while working in the office.

This way, no employee can’t cheat or manipulate their entries. The managers and supervisors can immediately notice any such malpractices via the app. Plus, it integrates with other software like payroll and project management software to draw insights quickly.

Some of the best time tracking software in this category are Time Doctor, TimeCamp, and Harvest.

The Final Takeaway

Remember to use automatic time management software if you’re searching for an alternative to timesheets.


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