How Might Nitrogen Generators Be Used for Industrial Applications?

Nitrogen is a common element on earth. Fortunately, it is industrially useful for man, and almost all industries need nitrogen generation during production.

Nitrogen generator system

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A typical unique property of Nitrogen gas is that it is odourless and colourless. Moreover, it can bond and multiply with other compounds and elements. Compressed nitrogen is versatile; thus, the reason it can be used across many industries. Of course, your industry also needs a reliable onsite nitrogen generator for production to save costs and enhance output.

In this piece, you will discover how nitrogen generators work and the usage of its industrial application.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Work?

An onsite nitrogen generator typically cannot generate gas alone during nitrogen gas production. Instead, the nitrogen generator purges the nitrogen in the air, and there is about 78% air content in nitrogen.

Meanwhile, molecules, including carbon dioxide, water, and oxygen, are expelled from nitrogen gas during generation.

The separation process is aided by a nitrogen compressor that supplies air to the nitrogen generator system. The purification then occurs either through a membrane and other filters or the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system and other filters.

A membrane nitrogen generator is a compressor-based system. In this method, the air is compressed and moved via a membrane of hollow fibres. The pores are small enough to prevent nitrogen from being driven with oxygen and high purity nitrogen gas is filtered.

PSA technology is another nitrogen compressor-based system. During PSA nitrogen generation, an air compressor is used to provide nitrogen from atmospheric air.

The generator then moves nitrogen gas through a column containing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). During the process, gases, including oxygen, are adsorbed by the CMS, which lets nitrogen move through.

A typical PSA nitrogen generator requires two CMS columns. One column sends nitrogen at pressure via the sieve while the second is depressurised.

PSA technology is also designed to expel moisture and dust from the air. The process is achieved before arriving at the CMS via a multistage prefiltration process.

How Nitrogen Generators Might Be Used for Industrial Applications

Below are industrial nitrogen applications:

Military Application

The military needs nitrogen to prevent fungus and mould growth on machines, and it is achieved by expelling oxygen.

Onsite nitrogen generation also defogs and waterproofs vital optical equipment, including night-vision goggles, binoculars, cameras and telescopes.

Electronic Usage

Nitrogen generation helps in soldering machines automatically by stopping solder oxidation. During the soldering phase or fusing electronic components into permanent connection while gathering electronics, nitrogen gas is used.

Nitrogen gas also mitigates surface tension for a more relaxing break away from the electrical bond site.

Another electronic application is on computers. For example, nitrogen gas, when applied to the central computer processing system, keeps it from overheating.

Pharmaceutical Application

Nitrogen also serves a greater purpose in the pharmaceutical industry. It helps in preserving sterility and cleaning the pharmaceutical environment for healthiness.

Another function is that it aids in restoring manufacturing conditions in an undesirable and hazardous atmosphere. It also aids in preserving foods and the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Processing Metal and Laser Application

On-site nitrogen generators are also helpful in the metal processing industry. Nitrogen generators in metal industries minimise contact with oxygen, which enhances the end-product quality. Reworking on the same project is also expelled.

Regarding lasers, onsite Nitrogen helps lasers greatly. The application of nitrogen in laser distils gas in the steel industry, which is essential during production. It helps eliminate molten material for aluminized steel or firmer stainless products with robust corrosion resistance.

Beverage Storage

Nitrogen is also applied in the beverage production industry. Nitrogen blanket, for instance, keeps bacteria and other microbes from growing throughout storage, pre-bottling, and post-bottling of beverages.

Nitrogen also distils air from hoses and pipes before bottling. This process guarantees the expulsion of oxygen while the beverage is transported. The taste of beverages is also p[reserved using nitrogen, which prevents loss.

Food Preservation

Although oxygen is essential for man, it depletes the food freshness and encourages bacterial infestation. Fortunately, nitrogen can expel oxygen during food packaging to eliminate oxidation and bacterial growth, which improves shelf life.

Moreover, onsite nitrogen generation denigrates oxygen levels in food processing such as dried foods processing, coffee processing, lettuce packaging, and meat packaging.

Nitrogen generator

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Nitrogen Generators: Finding a Reliable Provider

Getting the best nitrogen generator for your company is essential for effective and non-stop production. Multiple suppliers offer high-quality onsite nitrogen generators suitable for any industry in the UK and worldwide.

Moreover, you deserve a cost-effective and reliable nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen gas for industrial production.

Secondly, it is intelligible to invest in on-site nitrogen gas generators to cut off the reliance on cylinder delivery, short on gas, and production delays while awaiting gas delivery. Besides, a significant amount of nitrogen is lost during transportation, whereas onsite nitrogen generation saves gas.

Your provider/installer should have a complete line of industrial nitrogen generators and must use premium equipment suitable for your company’s requirement. Depending on your provider, you should have financing options, access to engineering services, and rental products. Most importantly, you should have complete control over the onsite nitrogen generator.


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