How Can Your Business Improve Digital Marketing?

Many businesses now rely on their presence online to boost their growth, such as generating new customers and sales. Modern technology has allowed small businesses more freedom in successfully marketing their products. Nowadays, for a company to thrive, an online presence is crucial. Most businesses have a website and social media, so how can you make yours stand out?

Digital marketing for business growth

Digital marketing is a great and cheap way to get your business noticed by potential customers. There are many types of digital marketing techniques from SEO to social media marketing, and it’s important to do your research to target your desired audience. To help, we’ve outlined ways you can improve digital marketing.

Use SEO to Get Your Website Noticed

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is used to rank your website higher when people search for certain words. This is to make sure you don’t end up on the third, fourth, or higher pages, where no one ever looks. Professionals can help your small business soar to the top of searches so that you get noticed, which generates more money.

Edmonton SEO experts can take the hassle away from you by improving your website’s content so that it appears near the top. Google looks for high-quality, relevant information in a website, if it’s not relevant or helpful to the searcher then they won’t put it at the top. Keywords are also critical, so identify words people are searching for and put them into your articles.

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

Identify where your audience is and target the social media that attracts that age group. For example, Instagram increases your business productivity by attracting a younger age group (59% of them are between 18-29) whereas Facebook has a slightly older user (the average age in the US is around 40). Therefore, consider your brand’s image and who you want to attract.

You can pay for social media marketing on each platform and it’s fairly cheap. Go to payment settings on their website, there you can outline a certain age group and keywords so that your brand appears on a targeted audiences’ feed. A great thing about social media marketing is that you can add more money has the campaign progresses or cancel it at any point you like; you’re in control!

Improve your content with videos and Images

The use of short videos is on the rise, due to social platforms like Tik Tok. They’re an engaging, fun way to interact with your audience. The future of digital marketing is visual as not many people have the time to read long articles whilst they’re scrolling through their phones. To capture their attention, you need bold images and quick videos.

Begin releasing videos on your social media that have a link to your website. Take it further by producing Instagram Stories or Tik Tok videos with hashtags people can use. Always add subtitles as 80% of views on a video are watched without sound. A lot of people will scroll past if there are no subtitles, plus it makes your brand more inclusive.

sContent marketing campaign

Keep Pushing for More Content

Creativity is key when it comes to thinking up new campaigns. You need to engage with your customers and join the conversation they’re having with themselves. Don’t stop once you’ve started improving your digital marketing, but keep pushing for new innovative ideas, such a viral video, Twitter posts, or memes.

Set goals, such as ‘get to 1,000 followers on Instagram,’ and once you’ve completed them set the next goal. Digital marketing changes fast, as the internet and trends are constantly changing. To help, look at Google trends and you can see the top stories trending, this will give you ideas on what content to generate. Maybe write an article about the top story of the day on Google trends.


Run statistic tests to check how your digital marketing is improving your brand. Is there now higher traffic to your website? If there isn’t then change your tactics and develop your SEO. Check if you’ve managed to generate new business and if you haven’t create a campaign that will, such as giveaways or activities that involves your customers on social media.

The world has become a very competitive place to run a business and everyone now has what they want at their fingertips. But decent use of digital marketing will accelerate your business ahead of the competition online, as these tips can help your business shine.


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