5 Ways Instagram Can Increase Your Business Productivity

With the constant increase in social media usage around the world, businesses have found a way to use it to their advantage. Most businesses around the world see social media as a new opportunity to enhance their market presence, boost their revenue, and ultimately increase their business productivity. According to a study done by Microsoft in 2013, approx. 46% of employees claim that effective use of social media as a communication tool has enhanced their productivity.

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Many companies are incorporating various social media platforms in their marketing strategies. It is so, because they see it not just as a collaborative tool for their employees that streamlines communication, but also as a way to engage with their customers. Several companies use social media tools such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on, to market their products and services directly to the consumers on a personal level.

Raising brand awareness has become much easier due to these platforms. Millions of users around the globe get to know what a business is offering in a matter of seconds.

A few simple ways of improving business productivity through Instagram are explained as follows.

1. Recycling Your Old Posts

Creating unique and quality content is not an easy job. doing some digging before creating new posts always pays off because it allows you to get rid of redundant things. Each type of content has a specific life span. For instance, if you decide to attract more customers by offering a promotion or a deal on your services or products, it will be for a limited period of time. After the event is over, it better to update the content and telling people clearly for who long that event would last. On the other hand, you can reuse certain posts that would remain constant. I often see the older posts of spectrum internet plans detailing their package rates. They refresh their posts using different graphic details. This is an excellent technique to remind people of your brand’s presence.

2. Assessing the Latest Social Media Trends

One of the very important things is the art of identifying the latest trends in your business’ niche to stay relevant. This can be done by associating yourself with relevant professionals from your industry who have a huge Instagram following. Studying and sifting through social trends is another way of staying ahead. Make sure to create a verified Instagram account for your business as it will come in handy in many situations.

3. Correctly Using the Hashtags

You can speak volumes in a single short phrase using just a Hashtag. These simple tools are highly effective when it comes to running a marketing campaign on Instagram or similar social media platforms. It is of great significance that you use unique hashtags that are related to your specific brand. Using such hashtags makes it easier for interested customers to see your products or services.

4. Interacting with Customers

Instagram is easy to use and an excellent social media platform that is well-equipped to address a large number of people. You can set up your customer support service tasks to be fulfilled via the Instagram account. It helps you answer customer queries in real-time. In addition to that, you can convey tour business insights in a simpler manner with your customers. You can also introduce encouraging campaigns by putting loyal customers in the spotlight and rewarding them.

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5. Improving Your Brand’s Awareness

Instagram and other social media platforms can be easily used to improve your brand’s presence in the market. An effectively devised and executed strategy can help catapult your company into the market making you one of the most well-known brands of your niche. Instagram is a great tool to connect with the target audiences, answering their queries, showing that you care about them.

Make sure to add your business’s complete details on the profile such as your website and phone number. Being their subscriber, I’d like to see the spectrum phone number on Instagram. Adding such details allow businesses to connect with customers and develop trust. Customers feel reassured that they can call and talk to someone in real-time in case they need immediate help. It also enhances your brand’s image helping you attract and retain new clients.

A Word of Advice

Sometimes things don’t go the way you’d have hoped. You may have done all the things you were supposed to do. You posted regularly, connected with customers, answering their queries, and so on but, the number of customers or new followers is just not pouring in the way you thought they would. You are left wondering what went wrong. Well, just be patient and try to switch things up a bit by exploring your competitors’ Instagram profiles. You may get some new ideas, but be as original as possible.


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