5 Must-have Features for B2B Websites

Every B2B business needs a website, as it is an essential part of doing business online in this digital age. While there are so many features you can add to your website, adding a lot of features not only confuses your visitors, but also makes your website heavier and slower. This is why it is so important to choose only the features that would benefit your business the most.

Browsing B2B website

Below, we look at the key features a B2B business must have to provide users and visitors with the best experience possible.

Bulk Ordering

B2B customers place larger orders than individual customers. B2B websites should therefore make it easier to add a large quantity of products to the shopping cart, either using the SKU, part number, or other identifying features.

Users should be able to enter the number of items they need and be directed to the checkout form as soon as they are done.

Advanced Checkout

The shopping carts on B2B websites are different from those of B2C websites. They are a lot more complicated with a lot more functionality. However, they should be designed in a way that facilitates faster checkout. Faster checkout helps reduce the number of abandoned carts because too many of them can cripple a business.

Visual Uniqueness and Coherence

There are so many websites that look similar that it gets hard to distinguish between them without looking at their URL or logos. Being able to stand out in an increasingly crowded space means having a visually unique website. The graphics, colors, videos, and text should not only look modern, but they can also be used to influence customers.

Everything on your website should support your brand and visual style while remaining modern, sharp, visually appealing, and captivating.

Working with businesses that can help create a visually appealing website while weaving in your brand image and digital marketing strategies is not always easy. This is why it is advisable to hire firms like the Merrit Group that not only help you build the best website but also make sure your website serves as a business asset, helping bring in and retain customers as well as supporting revenue growth.

Enhanced Mobile Experiences

More businesses are searching for products on their mobile devices. Many of them begin their searches on mobile devices before moving to their computers to make their orders. It is therefore important that all B2B businesses ensure their websites are mobile-friendly.

Features like auto-complete, mobile responsiveness, and call-to-action buttons that are clear and easy to click on smaller devices are a must.

Personalized Discounts

B2B businesses deal with different types of clients. They might deal with retail, wholesale or individual clients who just need a smaller number of products. Depending on who the user is, the website should be able to apply the appropriate discount. If possible, the discount can also be tied to the order size to encourage bigger orders.

Designing a B2B business is not as easy as it used to be. Businesses must provide functionality that not only helps their customers purchase easily while enhancing their user experience, but that also helps their bottom line.


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