10 Best Crypto News Sites

Cryptocurrency news websites are essential tools that enable both beginners and experienced investors to record cryptocurrency updates, market forecasts, and trading techniques. As crypto investing and blockchain technologies are evolving at a fast rate, cryptocurrency news is among the essential tools that help traders stay up with the cryptocurrency industry.

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However, you do not really have to become a crypto miner or even a seasoned trader to venture into the field of crypto markets. We will help you obtain up-to-date financial details, find a reputable broker, and build a profitable trading approach. Just visit BitIQ. Now let’s check the top Ten cryptocurrency news pages that will help you control the fast-moving cryptocurrency trading sector:

1. CoinMarketCap

If you’re searching for a reputable and plentiful crypto news platform, then don’t hesitate to try CoinMarketCap. CoinMarketCap is among the most common crypto sources that provide reliable and realistic statistics, including market capitalization, crypto values, exchange, trading volumes, or blockchain updates.

Notice that CoinMarketCap, released in 2013, was purchased by Binance corporation in 2020 and now is regarded as one of the highly reputable cryptocurrency news websites that will help you learn crypto trading.

2. CoinTelegraph

Coin Telegraph

CoinTelegraph seems to be another popular and trustworthy crypto news portal covering a wide range of cryptocurrency relevant threads. From cryptocurrency mining to blockchain ventures, visitors can find a range of fascinating news and stories every day. The best information is that content is accessible in various languages, like English, French, Chinese and Serbian.

It’s important to mention that since it began publishing in the year 2012, CoinTelegraph seems to have become a favored source of knowledge for everyone involved in the future of finance, including prominent crypto YouTubers as well as cryptocurrency kings.

3. CoinDesk

Are you fresh to the field of crypto trading and crypto trading signals? So CoinDesk – one of the leading websites devoted to cryptocurrency trading or blockchain technologies – is only for you. CoinDesk offers up-to-date reports on Bitcoin and various virtual currencies like Bitcoin Price Index results, developments, and cryptocurrency occurrences.

Intriguingly, CoinDesk seems to have a strong record; it was created in 2013, and it has been rising since then. Readers also enjoy the idea that the web is optimized for multiple platforms and accessed as an app.

4. CCN

CCN (separate from CNN) is also another cryptocurrency site that is rising in prominence. This Norwegian-based crypto news portal offers up-to-date reporting on various cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as updates on (ICO) planner lists and events calendar notifications.

It’s worth noting that CCN does have an increasing blog segment that ranks it among the world’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency websites.

5. Bitcoinist

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Bitcoinist is an insightful crypto platform that offers details not just on Bitcoin but also on a wide variety of common virtual currencies as well as blockchain activities. Not surprisingly, since it began publishing in late 2012, Bitcoinist has risen in prominence with far more than two million active users per month.

So, if you’re searching for reliable technological analysis or cryptocurrency articles, don’t wait to check up Bitcoinist.

6. The Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is yet another famous crypto blog that’s been initially dedicated to Bitcoin. In reality, Bitcoin Magazine has been one of the earliest blockchain sites, one of its creators was Vitalik Buterin – the developer of the game-changing innovation of Ethereum.

For your information, the journal was published in 2015 then launched with a limited edition celebrating the tenth anniversary of the famous crypto (Bitcoin) in 2019. Bitcoin Magazine also covers a wide range of digital currencies and features in-depth coverage, price evaluation, and advice. Read as long as you like to read!

7. CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate is without question among the best ten cryptocurrency websites which warrant your interest. This blockchain platform provides open knowledge about ICOs, crypto scores, and blockchain updates. Besides, CryptoSlate provides up-to-date quotes for hundreds of coins, which will help investors make better decisions and create a good plan.

8. Null TX

Previously known as Merkle, Null TX has become one of the best crypto pages that will help cryptocurrency lovers explore the field of cryptocurrencies. You will find authoritative crypto information, as well as informative articles on various digital currencies as well as the financial technology industry. Intriguingly, after it was created in 2014, Null TX has developed to be among the globe’s most reliable outlets of cryptocurrency trading or blockchain innovation.

9. DailyCoin

One of the best crypto news sources that will help traders grasp the complexity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is DailyCoin. It has a wide variety of papers on coin investing, blockchain technologies, and monetary tech.

10. NewsBTC

Finally, let’s have a peek at NewsBTC – another popular news source for cryptocurrency. This reputable platform was created in 2013; now, BTC offers reliable crypto content, including updates, technical advice, informative posts, feedback, start-up results, and activity schedules. The best part is that posts are written each day so that you can review and remain ahead of the market.

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