Taking Your Business on The Road? You’ll need These Essentials

More businesses than ever before are hitting the road and becoming mobile and it’s easy to see why. When you’re mobile, you don’t have to worry about expensive overheads, such as rent and utilities, you’re in charge of your own schedule, and have the opportunity to market your brand to a wider audience. In short, it’s a simple, yet highly effective way to magnify your income every single year.

Food truck owner

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Of course, there are associated costs with running any mobile business, and these vary depending on the type of business you own. A food truck, for example, may cost significantly more to run each month than a mobile beauty business. Therefore, it’s important that you start to turn a profit as soon as possible to get a return on your investment.

Check out these mobile business essentials to ensure you can hit the ground running.

High-quality payment terminals

Due to the pandemic, more businesses are using contactless card devices to accept payment, rather than handling cash. In addition, using card readers and payment terminals ensures customers can pay for their goods/services quickly and move on, helping you get through more clients quicker. Signing up with the right account and credit card payment company ensures that your business thrives, so check out Total Merchant Services for the latest in mobile and wireless terminals to ensure your payment requirements are met.

Your smartphone

Whether you use your personal smartphone or want to minimise confusion and implement a device specifically for your business use, a smartphone is a must-have for any business on the move. Not only can you keep in touch with your clients and other members of staff, but you’ll be able to track appointments, create new additions to your calendars, check emails and of course, update your social media as part of your marketing strategy. There may be certain apps that are ideal for keeping your business organised and your client retention high.

Your laptop

Working on an intricate project for your latest client? Maybe you want to update your business website on the go? Checking in with clients, and keeping your business data and files safe can be simpler with a laptop rather than with a smartphone. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, consider the kind of capabilities and features you’ll need before you make a purchase.

Cloud storage

While flash drives and USBs are seemingly convenient, as a business on the go with valuable customer and business data available on your smart devices, cloud storage and its subsequent security measures are a must. Cloud storage is essential for any business, especially if you find yourself switching from one smart device to another during your day and you need access to client information and business data.


It’s more paperwork and hassle but taking out business insurance despite not having a commercial premise will keep you and your investment protected should the worst happen. This could cover accidents, theft, product and public liability as well as your most valuable items.

Ready to get stuck into your own mobile business? Don’t start without these essentials!


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