3 Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Better Employees

Employees are the backbone of every company. So when it comes time to grow your business, one of the first things you want to do is make sure that you’re hiring only the best, most qualified candidates to represent your brand.

Recruiting new employee

Revolutionize recruitment with these three proven hiring strategies.

Use an Applicant Tracking System

“A what?” If that’s your response, then you’re already behind the times. In today’s employee recruitment environment, having a good applicant tracking system doesn’t just give you an edge over your competitors; it’s practically essential.

An applicant tracking system allows your hiring staff to quickly and easily access, organize, and share applicant data, view detailed insight analytics, and automate job posing. They enable employers to more specifically target the exact kinds of potential employees they’re looking for and ensure that those job-seekers receive the kind of timely, personalized content that makes all the difference.

Best of all, with the assistance of AI software, applicant tracking systems eliminate unconscious bias from the hiring process, so you can rest easy knowing that your new employees are always among the most highly qualified candidates.

Start an Employee Referral Program

Sometimes the best hiring tool is the one you already have. What’s the best way to find great new employees? By getting help from your great current employees.

Employee referral systems have multiple benefits for any recruitment staff looking to make the most of the resources they have, allowing you to lower hiring costs, reduce onboarding times, decrease turnover rates, and improve the quality of new hires all at the same time.

This recruitment technique works on two levels. First, current employees often view referrals as a chance to demonstrate their value, thus they’re unlikely to recommend low-quality candidates. Second, what could be a better recruitment tool than a current employee so happy with their work that they recommend your company to fellow job-seekers? In essence, referrals funnel the most promising candidates towards you while also helping to convince candidates why you’re an ideal employer.

Seek Out Recent College Graduates

Pop quiz: what’s the best kind of employee any business can have? Answer: ones that are well-trained and highly motivated. Experience counts for a lot, but there’s no shortage of value in a fresh injection of young blood. That’s why it’s worth considering seeking out recent college graduates when recruiting new hires.

What younger candidates lack in on-site job experience they usually make up for with ambition and energy, not to mention being fully educated in the most up-to-the-minute cutting-edge industry techniques and technologies. In many cases, the only thing recent graduates are more eager to do than put their degrees to the test is prove themselves to new employers.

Partnering with local colleges to provide student internships and similar networking opportunities is a good way to get a first-come-first-serve look at tomorrow’s talent today. Campus career fairs, school job boards, and even speaking engagements can all be leveraged to recruit high-quality candidates.


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