5 Ways to Show Your Audience You’re an Industry Expert

Wondering how to position yourself as an industry expert? Did you know that becoming an industry expert has little to do with your actual expertise? It’s a measure of your brand, not your intellect.

Building credibility

And you don’t need brilliance to create a great brand. The process is mechanical in nature. When you’re ready to discover 5 simple ways to give your brand a boost above the competition, so customers consider you an expert, read on.

1. Publish Your Own Podcast or Blog

To build trust, you need your customers to recognize your ability to provide them what they need. They must know you’re reliable. That’s why blogs and podcasts are perfect.

Potential customers will listen to your podcasts because they want a solution to their problem, and they’re hoping you’ll give it to them. If they’re struggling to advance in their career, you provide career guidance. If they need the best new laptop to sell to their gamer fans, you review the latest advances in the tech industry.

Whatever it is, you give it to them. You give it over and over, from one podcast to the next. And you do it free of charge.

You gain their trust. Then you become their go-to expert. The same is true for blogs.

2. Tell the Media You’re an Industry Expert

When your business gets highlighted, people pay attention. It’s one of the easiest ways to transition from virtually unknown to an industry expert. And don’t forget about the exposure.

When your face shows up on the local news, or in an industry-specific magazine or website, more potential customers see you. They recognize that you’re part of the industry. They unconsciously file away your face and your brand.

Over time, that recognition transforms into an assumption of professional expertise. Again, it happens on an unconscious level. So, next time your business does something new or interesting, write a press release to let the media know.

3. Speak at Trade Shows

Once again, a perfect way to get your name and face out to others in your industry. And don’t forget, you also get to share your expert knowledge.

If you’re worried about standing in front of your peers and looking like a dunce, don’t. Yes, the audience will have a few folks who disagree with you. It’ll also have a few folks who are smarter than you.

But you’re targeting others in the crowd, those who’re hungry for the information you provide.

4. Write a Book

It’s much easier than you think. Believe it or not, you don’t need to know anything about grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure. You don’t even need to speak English!

Writing a book is a mechanical process. It requires consistency rather than great intellect. And most folks who write free e-books don’t do it themselves.

Did you know you can hire a professional ghostwriter to pen the entire book for you? It’s not illegal or even unusual. Or did you think Hollywood stars like Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, and Steven Tyler were also writing prodigies?

5. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Look, whether you’re moving furniture across the country or selling guides for contractor internet marketing, you need a LinkedIn profile. And it must be excellent.


LinkedIn is the social media site most visited by professionals. If you want others in your industry to take you seriously, you must display signs of your professionalism. Flaunting your terrible LinkedIn profile is like showing up to work in your undershirt and boxers.

No one will take you seriously.

Time to Get Started

Now that you know what it takes to become an industry expert, it’s time to get started. Pick one of the options above and begin your research today.

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