6 Myths About Microsoft Certification

Windows operating systems and Office software are the two things for which Microsoft is famous worldwide. Furthermore, the company trains individuals to become qualified and skilled technicians and administrators to support and run their application products and advanced systems.

Microsoft certifications

Numerous work-related and personal benefits can be achieved through a Microsoft certification as it points out one’s proficiency and expertise in the IT sector. Therefore, attaining these certifications is a handy tool and achievement for a person who wants to progress and succeed in the IT world.

As Microsoft certifications are gaining popularity, a few myths arise around them. This article aims to expose the same so that you can have a better and correct overview of these credentials and training requirements.

6 Myths About The Certifications Offered By Microsoft

1. Microsoft Certifications Are Free Of Cost

Microsoft is a world-renowned company and the backbone of many IT sectors and organisations. Some websites claim to provide free Microsoft certification courses and training. These websites are a scam, and you should not fall into their trap as the cost of the certification courses and training can range from $50 to $150 per examination.

The authentic certification courses and training can be expensive, but the benefit of accomplishing them overlooks their price. Koenig Solutions offers one of the best Microsoft certification training and courses conducted online and offline at a very affordable rate.

2. It Is Necessary To Get Enrolled In An Official Course

No, you do not need to get enrolled in an official course for these certifications. However, the certification tests are challenging, and it might be very challenging to crack them without any guidance or help from a certified and experienced professional. Therefore, it is better to join an official course or training for these exams.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, Koenig Solutions offers more than 100 Microsoft courses, including Microsoft Artificial Intelligence training courses, and holds more than 25 years of experience in training.

Their team of top certified professionals help thousands of applicants to pass the exams and get certificates every year. In-house labs are one of the significant features and facilities provided by them for a practical learning experience.

3. The English Language Is The Only Medium For Conducting These Exams

There are many languages available on the official website in which you can attend the higher-level tests. However, the beginner’s stage tests are more likely to be only in English.

The two most common languages are English and Portuguese, in which students attempt their examinations.

Microsoft certified professional

4. Your Job Is Automatically Secured If You Are A Microsoft Certified Professional

Certification is proof that you have studied and learnt all the necessary skills for a job application. But putting those skills into action and using what you have learnt is what secures a job.

If you are certified, it does highlight your profile over other applicants. However, practical knowledge and application are what companies are looking for in candidates applying for the job.

Koenig Solutions offers some of the best in-house trainers who focus on practical knowledge and application while mentoring their students. Furthermore, having an in-house trainer helps Koenig Solutions to develop and maintain excellence while training their pupils.

5. Simulated Exams Are The Solution

Simulated tests can surely help you get an idea of the examination, but you cannot rely on them. You need to know what’s in the guide thoroughly before you appear for your exams.

The tips and solutions in the books will help you in the long run when you have to solve a critical problem or an equation, especially in courses such as Microsoft Azure that include topics like cloud security for backups.

6. Travelling Is A Must For Attending The Tests

You can now give online exams, which will save you time and money. Koenig Solutions offers some of the most affordable and reliable Microsoft online courses, which aids their students to study anywhere at any time.


For 22 years, Koenig Solutions has been Microsoft’s partner and provides some of their top certification courses and training, including Cloud Computing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.

Their exceptional USPs is what draws students from all over the world to their doorstep. Therefore, enrol in their outstanding certification courses and training today!


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