Automating LinkedIn prospecting With The Kaspr Tool

A digital prospecting tool simplifies the collection of your prospects’ contact information on LinkedIn. It is also indispensable in the hiring process of a high-potential candidate. The latter has the skills required for a job opening. Marketers and recruiters can move forward more quickly with automated LinkedIn prospecting. They focus more on tasks that help their business grow.

Kaspr app screenshot

A powerful Tool for LinkedIn Prospecting Automation

LinkedIn prospecting automation requires the Kaspr plug-in to be installed on your Google Chrome browser. Use the free trial version to test all its features. You can also choose between several subscriptions depending on your needs. Once you have installed the extension, log in to your profile on the LinkedIn platform.

Start an immediate search for all information related to your target contact. The prospecting tool only focuses on public data. Within seconds, you get the phone numbers and email addresses of your prospects, whether professional or personal.

The collected data is automatically integrated into your CRM. A Kaspr feature even makes it possible to import them into marketing automation platforms:

  • Pipedrive;
  • HubSpot;
  • Salesforce.

You export this valuable information as a CSV file. It is also useful for updating your database.

LinkedIn prospecting automation: marketing benefits

Take advantage of the various benefits of LinkedIn prospecting automation, namely the management of quality leads. You can more easily identify the maturity level of your prospects. You’ll be able to personalize your marketing campaign to drive purchase intent.

Easier management of your marketing campaign

The Kaspr tool has a built-in dashboard. This is a great feature for creating your workflows. You automate the sending of your invitation requests on the LinkedIn social network. This process is also valid for private messages. The dashboard makes it easy for you to follow up your prospecting campaign on LinkedIn. Each case helps you to implement the best marketing strategy. You adjust some existing techniques to increase their efficiency.

Regular update of your database

Data is an important growth lever in the digital age. With the high number of internet users, you need to have a reliable database of your prospects. LinkedIn prospecting automation ensures regular updates as soon as the tool collects new information. This includes new prospects, but also possible changes in email addresses or phone numbers.

LinkedIn prospecting automation: practical for recruiters

Outbound recruiting helps recruiters find candidates who match the profiles they are looking for in a job opening. This concept is similar to outbound marketing. Companies want to hire people who are immediately operational. This requirement concerns several sectors of activity, notably aeronautics, robotics, IT or management.

They avoid wasting time using the usual recruitment process. The classic method consists of:

  • publish a job offer;
  • collecting the files of the applicants;
  • sorting out the interesting applications;
  • arranging interviews;
  • checking the references of each potential candidate.

Recruiters go directly to the right people through outbound recruiting. They get their contact information via the LinkedIn prospecting automation tool and start the hiring process. The company expresses its interest in a candidate based on their expertise and skills. It puts forward arguments to convince him or her, because the competition is relatively tough. There are not enough job seekers for all the positions available in the critical sectors.


Automated LinkedIn prospecting has considerable advantages for companies. They get the contact information of targeted prospects quickly. However, this work requires several hours if you do it manually. This information is useful for defining the right marketing strategy in the process of converting leads into customers. The HR department also uses the collected data to recruit competent and experienced employees. This way, you can be sure that you are hiring someone who can work immediately after training.


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