The Only Office Supplies Inventory List You’ll Ever Need

Are you finally moving out of your basement and into a real office? It’s very rewarding when your company is growing enough to justify paying for your own office space.

Office supplies

But a successful office is determined by the level of organization and the management of supplies. If you are outfitting an office for the first time, you’ll need an office supplies inventory checklist.

If you have a secretary, administrator, or assistant, you can put them in charge of stocking office supplies on a weekly basis, to ensure everyone always has what they need for a productive work week.

So what are the supplies that need to be on your list? Keep reading to see our office supplies inventory list.


Every office will have its own unique needs, but most will share a list of basic supplies.

You’ll need printers capable of faxing and copying that you can connect to via WiFi. You’ll need an abundance of printing paper at all times. Make sure you also stock up on ink and toner, unless you are using thermal printers.

Your team is going to need pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, notepads, and sticky notes. Bonus points if you provide them with desktop calendars so that they get good at managing their time and schedule.

And while businesses use less paper overall, thanks to all of the software available these days, you’ll still have plenty floating around. Makes sure to have filing cabinets with plenty of extra folders. You’ll need staplers, staples, hole punchers, paper clips, and paperweights to make managing all that paper easier.

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Consumable Office Supplies

Sure, your office needs paper, pens, and staples to function. But that’s not all it needs. In order to keep your employees happy and alert, they’ll need some supplies as well.

Make sure to have fresh, cold drinking water available at all times. Don’t make your team drink tap water or bring your own. Choose a water dispenser that also dispenses hot water, for those employees who prefer to make their own tea during the day.

Speaking of tea, make sure to stock up on coffee and tea. Have a variety of different types of tea, such as black tea, green tea, and herbal tea.

And make sure to work with a professional coffee company in your area to manage your coffee supply and service your machines. It’s worth every penny, as it’s a major perk for employees.

Stay One Step Ahead With an Office Supplies Inventory List

Now that you have an office supplies inventory list, you can get started filling your office with supplies and happy employees. Nothing puts a hindrance on your workday like running out of supplies midweek.

Prevent this from happening by implementing an inventory management system, to ensure your office is always one step ahead, prepared for anything.

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