Add to Your Small Business Skillset with G Code

Whether you’re planning on investing in CNC machinery or already use it as part of your process, learning G Code could be a real feather in your cap. Don’t worry if you’ve never coded before or aren’t sure where to start, it’s incredibly easy to pick up with a little time and effort. Although you won’t become a master on your very first go, it’s an essential skill when it comes to making the most out of your CNC machine.

CNC machine programmed with G Code

photo credit: Peter Martin Hall / Flickr

Whether you’re interested in G Code milling commands or looking to develop a more general understanding of operations, your small business could really benefit from any newfound knowledge.

Where to Start

With so much information around, it can be difficult to know where to start. While there are plenty of blogs online detailing lists of commands, you want to begin your G Code journey by learning the basics. Making mistakes in the code can lead to disasters in production, so you don’t want to jump in before you’re ready.

Start by orienting yourself with some basic introductory articles before moving onto a more structured learning course. You’ll be able to find many free resources online, but make sure you’re using a reputable source, or check your findings with an expert to avoid issues in the long term.

Are all G Codes the Same?

It would be easy if the answer to this question was yes, but sadly there is variation amongst G Codes. This can be off-putting for beginners, but as long as you make sure the code you’re learning is compatible with the machine you have, you shouldn’t encounter too many issues.

G Code is still much easier to learn than most other programming languages, so don’t be disheartened too early on. In fact, many machines do understand the same G Code as each other, but some will need a slightly different order. Once you get the hang of things, this creative tweaking will be a puzzle you can’t wait to unravel.

Is Learning G Code Enough?

G Code is an essential starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about using their CNC machine, but it won’t allow you to do everything you might want to. You’ll have to decide how serious you are about operating your machine yourself or whether you want to employ a specialist to take care of the trickier aspects.

If G Code leaves you hungry for more, make sure you take a look at M Code as well, as the two go hand in hand.

What About Maintenance and Repairs?

G Code focuses on operations and allows your machine to do its job. If you’re looking to get more hands-on in maintaining your machine, then you’ll need to learn about cleaning. Properly clearing away build-ups and dust can keep your equipment working longer, but more serious repairs are probably best left to the experts.

As a small business owner, it can be tempting to try and do everything yourself, but sometimes outsourcing can work in your favour, freeing you up to look at the bigger picture.


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