5 Investments for Bouncing Back in 2021

Last year was tough for small businesses. But most are bouncing back to normal operations gradually. If your business was adversely affected by the effects of the pandemic, do not worry. There is still hope for you. You can try out several other investments in 2021 and get back your lost glory.

Investing your money

Here are the top five investments to help you bounce back.

Invest in Real Estate

No doubt that the real estate business continues to grow stronger and better each day. People will always look for houses since this is a basic need.

The best way to benefit from the real estate industry is by checking out various investment options. You can invest in residential or commercial rental housing if you have the finances and the capability to manage properties.

However, even if you can’t afford a house in cash, you can get mortgage financing as long as you qualify for it. Also, if you do not have the skills to manage a property, you can hire an experienced real estate agent to do the job for you.

Remember, you will need to market your business to generate more leads and sales. You may want to use an agency. A digital marketing agency will market your business and grow your brand seamlessly.

High-Yield Savings Account

Saving money in a high-yield savings account has excellent benefits in the long run. When you save money, you earn interest on your cash balance that is typically higher than the standard savings account. You can make between 20 and 25 times higher.

The account requires small overhead costs, but it will still earn you higher interest. It is an online account that you can access easily and quickly transfer money to your primary account. Remember, terms and conditions may apply to the limit of the amount you can withdraw per statement period.

A savings account enables you secure funds for future use. This is a great investment that can give you financial security in the long run.

It is worth noting that a high-yield savings account is a good option for risk-averse investors with short-term investment goals. Such investors often want to avoid the risk of losing their money.

ROBO-Advisor Portfolio

Investing money in a ROBO advisor account is another significant investment that can yield you many returns in 2021. You will need to set your investment goals and deposit money into your ROBO account based on your goals and risk tolerance.

Before you start operating the account, you will fill questionnaires so that the ROBO advisor understands what you want. It will then manage the whole process for you, such as selecting funds and building your portfolio.

If the process becomes challenging, you can work with an experienced professional who understands the nitty-gritty about ROBO advisors.

Remember, investing with a ROBO advisor is not free. You will pay a small fee of about 0.25 percent each year, depending on how much you invest with them.

You have several options to choose from when you invest with a ROBO advisor. You can have it in stocks or a savings account.

Calculating money

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Government Bond Funds

These are mutual funds that allow you to resell them on the secondary bond. You can invest the funds in T-notes, T-bill, mortgage-backed securities, and T-bonds.

If you are a low-risk investor, then government bond funds are an ideal investment option for you. It is also suitable for starters and those looking for cash flow.

It is worth noting that while some government bond funds may work well, others can be risky, like long-term bonds. The interest rates may cause long-term bonds to fluctuate than short-term bonds.

Invest in Convertibles

Convertibles are securities, mainly in the form of shares or bonds which can be converted to stock. Most investors often forget these. Convertibles can give you the protection of bonds and the upside of stocks.

The two most common convertibles are traditional bonds with a fixed maturity date and mandatory convertibles with equity substitutes. Note that while traditional convertibles have higher protection, they do not produce higher returns than mandatory convertibles.

The Bottom line

This year comes with unique investment trends, and that is why you need to understand them well before you invest. The above investment options can help you get back to your feet and shine again.


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