Top Office Supply Brands in 2021

Knowing which office supply brands to trust is more important than you think. If you don’t know which brands to trust, you might waste your money on defective products. The idea of being loyal to a brand seems a little crazy in this case, but it can do some good for you, and the following are the top office supply brands for 2021.

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3M has earned its place in the world of business. It offers all sorts of office supply solutions for different types of companies. One of the things it’s known for is protective gear, as it produces things like hard hats and faceguards. Recently, it made a big splash as it was one of the leading producers of N95 masks, which helped keep many frontline workers safe.

For the office world, 3M is known for everyday products like tapes and organization tools. Of course, it’s also known for cleaning products. It does have some great options at pretty affordable prices. There are a lot of reasons to love the 3M brand.


Another important company to highlight is Xerox. Companies relying on high-volume printing know buying a Xerox production printer is the right move. The tech company specializes in everything related to large-scale print jobs. Xerox not only invests in making sure printing continues to get better, but it also invests in research to expand what printing can do.

Quality is a big deal for the Xerox company. The company also produces machines that help folks scan documents and fax them. They also produce machines that can print, fax, and scan. These are delicate machines, but they do last a long time.


Brother is another company in the office industry. It’s mostly known for its printers, but it does offer several other essential office supplies, like some of the best printing paper out there. The printing paper offered by this company ranges from regular everyday printing paper to more sophisticated options, like glossy printing paper, just to name one.

The company is also known for providing other business solutions, like high-quality label makers and high-quality barcode printers. It’s one of the top office supply brands in 2021, and it has been a leading brand for a long time because it cares about longevity and quality. You can even find some of their vintage devices and machines still working though most people decide to upgrade.


Labels are a big deal in business, and there’s no more prominent name in the label business than Avery. The company creates all sorts of labels, from the regular labels you might use for mailers to more interesting and sophisticated labels like waterproof labels that you can use to label drinks or similar products. The company even produces labels with a bit of personality, like circular labels or whatever kind of label your business needs.

There’s no doubt that labels help people recognize businesses a little easier. Branding is vital for any business, and branding is sometimes only possible with suitable labeling materials. Avery is still a good company to keep your eyes on.


There’s no way to talk about office supplies without mentioning HP. This is one of the biggest office supply companies. Of course, it’s mostly known for its desktops, laptops, monitors, budget printers, and other computer accessories though it also offers many additional office supplies.

The company carries software like antivirus products and other supplies you didn’t think you might need, like antiglare screens for computers and laptop screens. The company even produces printers. HP has been a leading supplier of these products because it’s a company you can trust. If you invest in HP, you know that you will be getting devices and tools meant to last.

Now you know all about the top office supply brands out there. Dig into each one you find and make sure they’re a brand you’re willing to trust before deciding.


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