Where to Buy Top Quality Triple Weighted Chess Sets Online

Originally the chess game belongs to India by the 7th century AD. But slowly it has become a famous brain game all over the world. Chess does not only provide a source of good time spending but it increases the thinking and IQ level of the players, because it is known as the game of mind.

Chess set

It is a famous game and millions of people play chess games. People play at home, in clubs, and in tournaments. In most recent trends, people are attached through online chess games.

People who are involved in chess business not only manufacture chess game sets but also various accessories that are used in this game.

Essential Chess Game Sets

Here we have mentioned some essential things that are needed for playing a chess game.

Chess set

The chess set consists of a chessboard and 32 chess pieces in form of two sets of 16 each. One is always in a lighter color and another is the darker or black color.

A Chess Clock

The chess clock is used to measure the time the players take in their moves.

A Chess Set Bag

The Chess bag is the bag that is used to keep the chess set and the other things.

A Score Sheet

A score sheet is basically used to record the scores of both players.

What is Triple Weighted Chess Set?

Before we talk about the best online options for quality chess sets, it is necessary to clear this point there. Most of the time you have listened to the term triple weighted chess pieces. Right, it is high quality chess pieces but for what reason? In simple words, they are heavier than double or single weighted chess pieces. In the manufacturing of chess pieces, steel slugs are used to give them weight. In triple weighted chess pieces, 3 of these weight slugs are inserted. This makes the chess pieces more comfortable to move and place.

Playing chess

Online Places to Buy Top Quality Chess Sets

Following are the best online options that are providing their customers with the best quality and triple-weighted chess sets in bulk.

Wholesale Chess

The customers who really want to buy top-quality chess sets and other accessories can order from wholesale chess. Here, quality chess pieces are available with different weights. Not only the traditional chess sets are available but also everything that is needed for a chess game. They provide free shipping over the order of $100 and the shipping time is dependent on the area location of the customer.

Rochester Chess Center

Rochester chess center is serving the chess community for a long time. They have a wide collection of wholesale chess sets in different material like plastic, wood, magnet, etc. Even customers can find the heavily weighted chess pieces at Rochester chess center. For any shipping, return, or exchange policy contact them on the number that is available on their website. They also answer inquiries on the emails also.

The Chess-Site. Com

Chess site.com is another website that provides you with a huge variety of chess sets. Not only chess sets, but they also have chess boards games, chess pieces with a variety of quality material. The design and detail finishing of these products give them a very luxurious touch. So, the customers can find antique and triple weighted chess sets easily here.

 The House of Staunton

The House of Staunton is involved in the business of chess and its accessories business. They provide their quality products to all over the world. Furthermore, they provide free shipping even for international suppliers. On the website of the house of Staunton, and everything related to chess is available. To avoid any confusion, read their shipping, returning, refunding, return, etc. policies before making any decision.

Summing up

These websites are especially dealing in chess and chess accessories. If you want to acquire wholesale chess sets stock for your business, an online wholesale marketplace is another best option. There are many online wholesale marketplaces that connect retailers to wholesalers for every kind of product. Well, there is no restriction to choose a specific place to order chess sets in bulk or other accessories. But visit multiple options and know the terms and conditions for dealing with every website.

Have you ever experience buying chess games or other similar items online?  If the answer is positive, share your experience with us in the comment section.


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