How to Spot Fake Prescription Glasses When You Buy Glasses Online

Do you ever think about the artificial nature of certain glasses? This is especially common with thick, hipster-style spectacles, but can also occur with other styles. Why are some frames prescribed as lenses while others seem to be mode statements? Would you prefer to switch from rectangular to carrier frames, but are you afraid you are going to look like a hipster?


It may be difficult to differentiate the real of the false when prescription lenses are so prevalent. When it’s time to replace your lenses, how can you know what you get when you shop online is genuine? Any websites that deal only with Eyewear are not as dependable as Eyeweb.

You will be an expert to detect fake glasses when shopping online if you follow our instructions.

1. Look at the Box

Genuine sunglasses come with a range of accessories in official packaging.

  • Online glass clothes;
  • Brochures;
  • Case of glasses;
  • Online boxes.

2. Decipher code

In order to be accurate, the corporate sticker outside the box should indicate a number of things.

  • Name of the creator;
  • Design inspiration Color;
  • Size

Finally, double check for sunglasses arms information. In general, on the left arm the model information is found. The spectacle manufacturer is shown with the right arm. This information is not available in fake glasses.

3. A trustworthy logo

The corporate logo is placed on the sunglasses. The Ray-Ban logo, for instance, features genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses. The emblem on the right lens and the lettering graved into the lenses are another item for keeping an eye away.

4. Product Details

Take a few times to review the specifics of the goods, real Prescription Glasses are a high-end product with excellent finishes.

  • The cloth of the lens is supposed to have the brand on it;
  • Tight fixation of the screws;
  • A high-end product should look like it;
  • When you pick up fake prescription glasses are usually fairly light.

5. Double-check the Details of the package

All the necessary components of correct packaging are a box, case, microfiber cloth and booklet. You could purchase a fake even if there is only one component missing. You should be careful even if everything seems to be in order. When examining several essential details, you can detect whether it’s a fake. looking at a few important details, you can detect if it is a fake. No information is provided on the side of the box regarding a sunglass maker or model, and the symbol is printed in low-quality ink on the fronts, which can be readily wiped with one finger.

  • The microfiber cloth, featured in all legitimate sunglasses, contains no red insignia.

6. Check the frames closely

First Visual Review

Take a close look at the two temples. The inside left part should have a code that indicates the number and color of the model. The code invariably includes additional numbers and letters to follow the letters of the RB and four digits.

Two frames to examine

See the phrases “Made in Italy” or “Made in China” in the inner right temple as well as CE letters (not all models have those, though). The logo is visible only on the inside right of the prescription glasses.

7. Think how you’re going to protect your eyes

Purchase only sunglasses from authorized internet merchants who sell real glasses online. Low-cost sunglasses cannot provide sufficient light protection, causing them to deteriorate rapidly.

The pupils are widened with dark lenses without UV filters, enabling dangerous UV rays to enter the eye (far more than if you were not wearing lenses!). This might irritate and uncomfortable the conjunctiva and cornea.

The following are the several types of UV eyewear protection:

This disease causes red, watery, burning eyes, discomfort and extreme light sensitivity. After exposure to the sun six or eight hours occur. Durable injury is unusual on the other hand.

8. See for the CE mark on the lookout

Long-term UV exposure causes cataracts and havoc on the lens of the eye. The syndrome appears as a fuzzy vision, a grey veil and blindness. To reverse the harm is too late.

In consequence, double check whether the glasses are marked with a CE label necessary in Europe before making a purchase. The producer says that the shows provide UV protection with a wavelength of up to 380 nanometers. with this classification. Dangerous light, however, has a 400 nanometer wavelength. An additional UV400 label shows that all rays are avoided to this wavelength.

Please note that there are two logos, which seem to be the same, but which are different. The Chinese CE label (representing the ‘China export,’ that is to say without security standards) and the European CE mark (certifying that products sold within the European Economic Area comply with the health, safety and environmental requirements) are surprisingly alike in appearance. Only a handful of Ray-Ban models made in China are subject to CE certification, which means they comply with European environmental and safety standards.


So, you got it here, don’t be tricked again. You know now whether a couple of Prescription Glasses are real. You know. We have a big choice of distinct colorful sunglasses available but tell us how you realized it if you have ever been misled by a couple of websites glasses online.


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