Social Networks to Maximize Your Business Success: The Main Do’s & Appropriate Don’ts

Social media has always been one of the most effective business tools used by entrepreneurs. Over the past 10 to 12 years, they have undergone significant changes.

Social networks

Initially, they were simple, offered a minimum of opportunities, and no special business perks. Much has changed since then. Now it is a powerful marketing platform. Here, people communicate with each other, follow brands, get acquainted with various goods and services.

Billions of users spend time on social media every day. Of course, it is impossible to guarantee that all of them will consume the goods or services you offer. But in order to attract just a fraction of those, you need the right tools, for the right business functions.

Let’s take Customer Support, for example. Linking your support platform to your social media accounts matter as you want to be reached easily by your users, 24/7. If you use Zendesk, you can use Zendesk integrations to connect the platform with Twitter or other social media platforms.

Business & Social Media: The Perfect Mutual Complement

Social networks have a wide range of options that allow you to get what you want.

  • For many aspiring entrepreneurs, social media activity provided the effectiveness of other channels and media and business presences. All thanks to the ability to reach a specific audience in real-time;
  • Social networks for business today are also about attracting partners or sponsors and building an HR brand, looking at which people will want to go to work for you;
  • Almost everything is available on social networks! Therefore, the current strategy should maintain that future investors and employees can get to know you through them.

Of those who tried a broader approach to SMM strategy, 70% were satisfied with the result. Even a general working chat in a messenger or a community with internal news for employees already has a positive effect on the company’s performance. Such details influence the sense of cohesion and common purpose within the team.

Social networks are suitable for interaction with employees, information, social support, and charity. Social networks are no longer just another sales channel. They can influence many aspects of the business and even serve as almost the basis for the entire brand. Look at your social media work and decide where to expand the strategy to add even more value to your company.

Social Media Concerning Business Ideas Promotion: The Main Do’s

So, what is the prerogative of social media, and why has it become so effective for business? It’s clear: potential consumers cannot pass by something free! By distributing gifts, organizing contests, companies interact with their potential customers. In this way, they draw attention to their products or services.

It is not superfluous to say that if a marketing strategy for promotion in social networks is developed competently and implemented by professionals, in the future, this will increase recognition, traffic, and sales. Of course, it will suggest ideas for further development.

It is essential to adhere to some of the tenets of using social media to drive digital marketing:

  • Show empathy. This method provides great potential for the development of your business. And at the same time, it is the least costly and laborious. In addition, this way you can increase the trust from your customers;
  • Be active in various forums. Try not to ignore the questions and problems of your customers, give them advice. It is very conducive to strengthening your positive image;
  • Use multiple channels to interact with your customers. So you will have the opportunity to reach a larger consumer contingent and present your products and services in a favorable light to different segments of the audience;
  • Develop new systems for consumer audience research. This way, you can prepare an airbag for your business! Besides, you’ll solve many problems and find ways to meet the needs of your customers. In addition, research work significantly increases the growth rate of your company;
  • Demonstrate your involvement. How can clients get carried away with your ideas if you are not passionate about them yourself? All right, no way! Your corporate social media account should be bright and memorable. You can come up with joint creative activities that will attract more users and increase the interest of even those who are far from your products or services;
  • Always stick to your chosen social media business strategy. Business continuity will help maintain your company’s ranking, and hence the effectiveness of your business plan.

Remember, productive interactions are frequent interactions! Your communication with your potential audience should happen regularly. So they will not forget about your suggestions, and you can increase financial transactions.

Posting on Instagram

Making a new post on Instagram. Source

The Main Mistakes of Doing Business on Social Media

Remember the things you should avoid:

  • Social media business abhors negligence. Otherwise, business productivity will decrease;
  • Eliminate mechanical action. Interaction with clients should be primarily emotional and sincere;
  • Eliminate ignorance. Even if you are left with an unpleasant review, ignoring it is a disastrous decision;
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the media. Choose one thing and immerse yourself in this work completely;
  • Make a clear distinction between a personal blog and a business account;
  • Don’t publicly share your concerns. You should always be in a good mood for potential clients.

The image and success of your business are almost in your hands!

Social Media Marketing: The Advantages

  • Users trust information on social networks, as they do not perceive it as direct advertising;
  • Impressive coverage of different countries and independence from the region – it is much easier to attract an audience from other cities and countries than with other promotion types;
  • Relatively inexpensive advertising contact – the cost is several times lower than advertising in the press or on TV, with broad coverage;
  • Possibility to select target audience with a high degree of accuracy (targeting);
  • Feedback and rapid response are available. Unlike SEO, you can quickly get a reaction to a blog post, video, or other social media post. The high speed of collecting and exchanging information helps to adjust the SMM strategy! Besides, you can respond to the wishes and comments of users and offer the most exciting content to your audience.

Social media analytics

Evaluating the performance of your social media marketing is key to improving your marketing strategy. Source

Social Media Marketing: The Drawbacks

  • To achieve a long-term result, you have to carry out various work constantly: update information, write posts and news, publish copyright articles, shoot videos, etc.;
  • An accurate calculation of the budget for your advertising campaign is impossible – the amount will depend on many external and internal factors;
  • It is impossible to get a 100% guarantee of the expected result;
  • It is not a substitute for classic search engine promotion. Typically, users search for products and services using the search bar rather than on a social network;
  • Experienced users know how to distinguish advertising content from other types of information;
  • There is a risk of ruining your reputation – you need to make a mistake a couple of times in the comments, answers, post subject, etc.

Final Thoughts

With the rapid rise in the popularity of social media, many companies have realized that this is the key to running a successful business. Based on a lot of research and the study of the behavioral factor, it became evident that SMM promotion will improve in the strategy for building any business.

Companies and various business organizations should always follow the research path! The digital age gives us more options than it might initially seem. Combine creativity and traditional lines of business and see how your experience sparkles with new colors.


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