5 Tips for Winning Facebook Ads

When it comes to online advertising, few platforms offer as much value to advertisers as Facebook. For starters, it offers incredible reach. Hundreds of millions of users visit the platform every single day, which gives businesses like yours the opportunity to reach most (if not all) of your target market.

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Secondly, Facebook has the best targeting features of any platform (and it’s not even close). You can target people down to zip code, hobbies, and past spending habits. And as long as you know who your target market is, you can reach them.

Finally, Facebook advertising is cost-effective. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. This means there’s no wasted ad spend on impressions. All of your ad spend goes toward people who are actually engaging with your brand.

But while the benefits of Facebook advertising are clear, most brands are lacking in their execution. So in this article, we’re going to drill down and focus on a few key tactics you can use to develop winning Facebook ads.

5 Facebook Ad Tips and Tactics

Facebook advertising isn’t free, but it is cost-effective when properly optimized. Those last three words are key. Your ads must be properly optimized in order to generate a positive ROI. Here are some suggestions to help you do this:

1. Get Your Offer Down

It’s easy to get so focused on the ad that you forget about the most important part: the offer. It’s possible to generate leads/sales with a bad ad, but it’s almost impossible to do so if you have a bad offer. In other words, a great ad does nothing to compensate for a poor offer.

Take time to come up with a compelling offer. You either need to present something that’s totally unique, or you need to present something in a unique way. Better yet, present a unique product using a unique strategy.

An offer consists of a promise with a benefit in exchange for some sum of money, time, or energy. The benefit is the thing the customer wants, while the promise is the delivery of that benefit. Focus on getting these two elements down before turning your attention to the price.

2. Narrow Your Audience

Many businesses make the mistake of casting too wide of a net. And in their appeal to reach a lot of people, they end up missing the mark completely and fail to meet anyone. For best results, narrow your audience to a very particular niche. If you’re uncertain of which niche to pursue (or how to test different audiences), a Facebook ad management company can help.

3. Lead With Value

You have less than seven seconds to grab someone’s attention. There’s no time for a grand buildup or long, drawn-out story. Lead with value and hook people in. Then you can come back and fill in the blanks.

4. Use a Compelling Visual

Facebook users are trained to scroll. Users swipe until they find something that catches their attention. As an advertiser, the best way to grab attention is by using a compelling visual.

One of the best ways to test different ad variants is by running the same ad copy with three to five different visuals. If one ad performs significantly better than the others, then you’ll start to see what grabs your audience’s attention.

5. Generate Early Momentum

Facebook is built on social proof. If you want your ad to do well, you need to generate early engagement and use this as a way of building momentum.

While you have to be careful in how you execute, you may consider getting your most loyal customers to help you out by liking, commenting, and sharing your ads as soon as they go live. As long as it’s done in a natural way, this quick jolt of proof can get others to buy in.

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Always be Ready to Pivot

Facebook advertising is unique in that it’s constantly evolving. It’s not something you learn how to do once and then master. The algorithm and rules are constantly changing. And if you don’t stay abreast of changes in real-time, you risk seriously hurting your ROI (and potentially even losing money).

The good news is that, in spite of tweaks and changes, the basic fundamentals typically hold true over time. Build the right foundation, track with the changes, and search for that elusive winning recipe!


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