Sinker EDM: Here’s How It Is Gaining Momentum Across The Industries

Electrical discharge machining or EDM has become a go-to technology of many industries, the existence of which has been prevailing for a long time. The process of electrical discharge machining uses an electrical current passed between the workpiece and electrode that are separated with a dielectric liquid.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

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Upon applying high voltage, this liquid is ionized, thereby transforming into an electrical conductor and eroding the workpiece after releasing spark discharge. Such a process then shapes the workpiece into a final shape.

Sinker electrical discharge machining is one of the forms of electrical discharging machining designed for reliability and high precision. Ever since this technology was introduced, sinker EDM machines have created successful products for rocket engines, satellites, and other space crafts, thereby letting the world witness new technological advancements.

Sinker Electrical Discharge Machining

Sinker EDM is addressed by many names like RAM EDM, Die Sinker EDM, Volume EDM, Plunge EDM, etc. The machines incorporating this technology use a workpiece and electrode submerged in liquid-like dielectric water or even oil. The electrode is then provided a power supply which generates an electrical potential between both the parts and leads to a breakdown. The breakdown forms spark jumps and a plasma channel. The process also initiates sparks that keep striking one after another.

The formation of such sparks then erodes the metal. The electrode is further lowered, leading to a sinking effect to the EDM machine. When the entire process is exercised and each part is removed, the base metal erodes into a desired shape or design. This EDM process is used to manipulate hard metals and surfaces, giving companies efficiency for industrial production and use.

Sinker EDM Versus Other EDM – Which One Is Better?

Electrical discharging machining has many types. Apart from sinker EDM, other forms such as wire-cutting EDM and hole-drilling EDM are also widespread in various industrial applications.

There are many advantages of sinker EDM over other forms. When you use a sinker electrical discharging machine, it lets you manipulate all kinds of materials, regardless of their hardness, conductive nature, and other properties. This process forms the last step in machining the metals after all the workpieces are treated for wear and other technicalities.

What’s amusing about sinker EDM is that, unlike milling, it doesn’t touch the material. Once the process of sinker EDM comes to an end, the workpiece doesn’t require any further manipulation.

Different Uses of A Sinker EDM Machine

Owing to its superior characteristics, sinker EDM is gaining popularity worldwide, and its use is witnessed in various industrial applications. The most common application of this technology is seen in the production of dies and molds. Sinker EDM machining focuses more on the detailing. Thus, it becomes effortless to create dies and molds. The production of plastic injection molding cavities is another area where sinker EDM machines are prevalent.

On a bigger platform, the use of sinker EDM machines is widespread in the aerospace industry. The new-age components designed by the engineers are exclusively reserved to be machined only using this technology. Alongside this, sinker EDM machinery is also used by medical manufacturers to create surgical tools and implants.

Other applications of sinker EDM include high-precision parts for automation, robotics, miniature precision components, small-scale parts, machining of the materials such as titanium, carbide, tungsten, and other difficult-to-machine alloys.


While locating the best service providing the sinker EDM machinery, always keep quality and after-sales services your top considerations. You can find the leads of the best suppliers of sinker electrical discharge machining on online platforms as well. If you are buying the machine online, do not forget to check the testimonials.


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