4 Lucrative Ideas for Running a Business from Home

The 2020 pandemic crises and stay-at-home orders have reinforced a concept that small startup owners had worked out– that it is possible to start a new venture from home. With the minimum investment and some smart thinking, you can become an entrepreneur as an option to earn some extra money on the side.

Starting a business from home

Eventually, once the business becomes successful, you might be able to devote all your time and energies to this new side hustle. Ready for some great ideas?

Offer Remote Notarization Services

With more states enacting laws to accept online notarization on agreements and contracts, you could acquire the accreditation to become an e-notary. Any person can become an official notary and verify legal documents so that they stand up in a court of law. You’ll complete the course and take the test, all of which can be done online. Once you get authorization, you can connect digitally with people wishing to obtain notarization services.

Over time, you can build an extensive clientele or even take a job where your primary deliverables will include notarizing documents.

Manage Software for Rental Properties

Offering apartments and houses for a short-term vacation or long-term rent is a lucrative business opportunity. Although there are several websites where you can list properties, managing them can become challenging when you have multiple locations.

Investing in software for vacation rentals makes the process streamlined and convenient. You can connect listings on a single platform and monitor activities like scheduling viewings, posting images, videos, and reviews, and tracking rent payments. Maintenance, cleaning, and upgrades can be organized from home without visiting each place personally.

Set Up a Dropshipping Store

A dropshipping business model is yet another lucrative option that you can work from home. You’ll only need the expertise to connect with customers and organize marketing and delivery. Stocking or managing inventory is conveniently eliminated since you can engage logistics to pick up the products and drop them at the customers’ doorstep. All payments are made and received online using credit cards and other portals.

Dropshipping is a great option for small and unknown ventures who have just started and are not yet established brands. You could help them gain a market for their products.

Businesswoman running a business from home

Start Offering Online Courses and Classes

As a professional trained in a specific vocation, you can offer consultancy services and courses as a side hustle. Depending on the particular classes you’re offering, you might need to acquire mandatory licensing. Starting informal courses like cooking, craft making, knitting, or sewing can be quickly done from home.

If you have the talents, you can impart them to people interested in picking up skills. Create videos and post them on YouTube with paid subscriptions, and you could monetize a hobby.

Starting and running a business from home as a full-time or part-time hustle can be done with some creative thinking. Look around for opportunities, and you could earn a good income.


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