7 Expert Tips for Starting Out as a Professional Photographer

Photography is one of those careers that starts out as a passion. Nobody gets into photography unless they have a love of taking pictures. The great thing about photography is that it is never too late to learn. Anyone with dedication and creativity can become a professional photographer if they want it enough!

Photography as a career or business

So what are the steps that you need to take if you want to become a professional photographer? You will find the answer to that question by reading through our 7 expert tips!

Utilise the Best Online Tools

Assuming you already have your camera and all other equipment, the next step is to ensure you have access to online tools such as free photo editing software, invoicing software, social media management tools, and an online portfolio. Photo editing software, in particular, is a must.

While Photoshop might be the obvious program to go for, in the beginning, it might prove a little expensive. Fortunately, there are a ton of free editing apps that you can use instead.

Refine Your Photography Skills

You can use all the photography tips in the world and have the best editing software, but if you do not have the ability to take photographs to a professional standard, you will not make it too far as a professional photographer.

There is a lot of competition out there, so your photographs really have to stand out in a crowd. Always strive to learn new techniques and to improve in every aspect of photography. Study the work of other professional artists and consistently keep up with the latest trends.

Constantly Challenge Yourself

Photography is one hobby/career where it can be easy to fall into habits. You want to make sure that you consistently force yourself out of your comfort zone. A successful photographer is always trying to test them themselves rather than using the same techniques over and over. Even if what you’re doing is bringing results, getting into the same repetitive habits is not only boring, but also holding back your creative juices.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things from time to time!

Establish Your Niche

Would you hire a photographer that is a jack of all trades, or one that specialises in the niche you want? By establishing a niche, you will find it much easier to market yourself. The niche you choose could be anything from wedding photography, food, fashion, travel, wildlife, adventure, or portraits.

Once you have a specific niche, your clients will know that this is an area you specialise in.

Create an Online Portfolio

The biggest marketing tool in your armoury is your portfolio. Fill it up with all of your best shots so that potential clients can take a look at your talents. You can throw in testimonials from previous clients too. Plus, use social media to share your portfolio so that word spreads about your natural talent!

Online portfolios do not even have to cost money, which means you can showcase your work for free!

Find Inspiration

Inspiration is not always easy to find, but this does not mean you should stop looking for it. When it comes, it could come from anywhere! Our tip is to use books, movies, travel, and paintings.

Once inspired, your photographs could really benefit massively, and this is great for your career!

Start Looking for Photography Jobs Online

The most difficult step in becoming a professional photographer is finding work in the beginning. You’re going to have to work hard to market yourself and convince clients that you have the ability to take photographs of the highest standard. Sign up to freelancer sites such as UpWork and apply for gigs, or get involved with photography networks to bring awareness to what you do. Plus, another way to get started is to post some of your photographs on stock photo sites. Whenever a visitor uses your image, you get a small commission.

The important thing is to never stop taking photographs and adding them to your portfolio website and sending them to clients for perusal. Eventually, with enough quality images behind you, you will not find it too hard to attract work.

Click Click and Away!

We will not pretend that becoming a professional photographer is for everyone. Passion alone is not enough to make it big. You need dedication, drive, and a hunger to consistently improve. Knowing how to effectively market yourself is also a big plus.

However, if you do have the passion, creativity, and eagerness to succeed, there is no reason why you won’t. As long as you strive for improvement, stay up to date with the latest photography trends, have good camera equipment, and an eye for a beautiful photograph, turning professional could become the best decision you ever made!


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