What Should You Check When Looking for Digital Directory Signs for Your Building?

Digital directories and wayfinding signs could quickly help visitors and staff provide accurate information. There are various sizes and options for digital directory signs available in the marketplace today.

Digital directory sign

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According to a market research report the global digital signage market is estimated to close in 2021 at a value of $16.3 billion. Furthermore, the sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% in the next five years. These numbers are an indication as there are multiple players involved in the digital signage sector.

How do you go about selecting the best brand to purchase wayfinding and directory signs for your building?

Factors to Consider When Looking for Digital Directory Signs for Your Building

Established Brand

Purchasing digital directory signs is a long-term investment. You will be spending resources like time, effort, and money to get the product installed and train staff for maintenance activities. Researching the brand you intend to purchase the product from is a good place to start.

With an established brand and a respected industry leader, comes the assurance that the product delivered will be of high quality, and the brand will have your back in case of any problems or concerns with their digital products.

Product Quality

Next, look for the quality of the digital directory and wayfinding signs offered. Purchase products from a brand that ensures their products are manufactured from commercial grade components only. There are also manufacturer warranties offered on these components.

A warranty is essential as the digital product is electronic at the end of the day and might be susceptible to issues when deployed. Having a warranty ensures you are covered in such scenarios.

Range of Digital Directory Signs

There are various sizes and options for digital directory signs offered today. For example, you could select a product in portrait mode or opt for landscape mode. If frames interest you, then you can go in for a stainless steel or aluminum frame. And if frames do not hold your interest, you can have the digital product mounted onto the wall.

There are also pedestal options available for these digital directory signs. So, as you can tell by now, there are options galore for these products. Again, look for a brand that has an extensive product line and can customize products according to your requirement.

Plug and Play Digital Products

Once you have purchased the digital product, will you be responsible for deploying them in your building? How easily could you deploy the product? Look for a brand that will deliver plug-and-play digital products meaning the product will be provided as a complete piece. You can deploy the sign by plugging it in, and you are ready to go.

Some brands also offer a completed hands-off service. For example, if you want signs deployed across multiple locations in your business complex, you could leverage this service on offer.

Cost-Effective Turnkey Solutions

Thanks to advancements in technology, brands can now develop the core of the digital directory products quickly and efficiently using past data. As a result, they do not have to build from the ground up, effectively bringing down production costs. These reduced production costs help the brand pass on the benefits to the end-customer as cost-effective solutions.

The core product can be customized according to your requirement and be delivered to your doorstep in an economical and turnkey manner.

Spend some time researching about the digital directory brand online. Look for customer reviews. They are an excellent tool to understand if the brand lives up to the standard of services they claim to provide. Remember, there are various sizes and options for digital directory signs. Explore the complete range of digital products offered, services, and customer support.


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