Why Integrating HR With Payroll is Beneficial for Your Small Business

Does your company currently use a standalone HRIS with separate payroll software? If so, then you’re missing out on the many benefits that cross-departmental integration can provide! After all, both HR and payroll systems manage a lot of the same data, so why enter data twice when you can input it into a single shared database?

HR team managing payroll

There’s a long list of reasons why integrating software can be beneficial for your business; sadly, that list would be too long for one single article, but below we’ll be covering three of the main reasons why integration is a worthwhile endeavor. If you haven’t already integrated your HR with your payroll, read on to learn why you should!

Streamline the Onboarding Process

When a new employee is hired, they’re presented with many different onboarding forms that they must complete before they can begin working. Unfortunately, this initial task tends to take a while since many forms require the same information to be provided over and over again.

While allowing new hires to complete onboarding forms digitally (rather than on paper) saves time, it doesn’t reduce the number of duplicate data entries that must be filled out if the payroll and HR departments both have separate databases. However, by integrating HR with payroll onto a single database, new hires will be able to complete the onboarding process much faster since data won’t need to be entered multiple times into multiple systems.

Enable Employees to Use Self-Service Tools

Companies that offer complete payroll solutions (which includes both payroll and HR services) such as UZIO often provide employees with a number of different self-service options. These options help reduce the unnecessary workload of payroll and HR staff, who already have enough on their plates without needing to deal with information requests. Rather than asking staff members for answers, employees can use self-service options to find the answers for themselves.

One of the most useful self-service tools is the ability for employees to view their own past pay records. By doing so, they can answer most of their questions regarding past paychecks, payment discrepancies, overtime rates, and other essential payroll information. Systems that offer T&A (Time & Attendance) solutions can also help employees track their current hours for that pay period, allowing them to determine a rough estimate for their upcoming paycheck.

Another helpful self-service option is online benefits management. With benefits management, employees can learn more about the specific benefits offered and use this information to make informed decisions on the benefits they do or don’t want to take advantage of. By providing employees with this information, you’ll increase the likelihood of benefits actually being utilized, rather than overlooked as is common in many workplaces.

Manage Employees from a Single Platform

Unlike when using standalone systems, data gathered from either the HR or the payroll department is shared between the two when you’re using complete payroll solutions. The shared database allows staff to effectively manage everything from an employee’s work schedule to their current pay rates, all from a singular interface. Any changes made will be reflected across the entire system, eliminating the need for duplicate data entries.

Since all relevant data can be gathered from a single platform, you’ll find that generating reports is a much easier task. Rather than compiling individual pieces of data from multiple databases to compile reports, you can simply have the integrated software do it for you! This will allow you to generate reports on everything from payroll expenses to benefits utilization in a matter of minutes, which can provide valuable insights into the inner workings of your business.

Integration: The Fast-Track to Success

As you can see, integrating your HRIS and payroll software offers many performance-based advantages over keeping the two systems separate. From simplified data management to faster report generation, the benefits are innumerous, but they don’t stop with only work-related task management: integration can also save you money! By combining HR and payroll using complete payroll solutions, you consolidate two software bills into a single, monthly subscription.

If you’re ready to lower overall maintenance costs while boosting departmental performance, click here to begin your journey today!


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