How Brochures Designing Helps In Furniture Business Market?

Whatever kind of business might be like new gyms or sale of a house, brochure performs a vital role in marketing for the business. It’s an effective and powerful tool to engage an educated audience.

Furniture brochure design

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To décor, their house furniture marketing through a brochure is a no-brainer idea, but only if the brochure designs are on point.

When it comes to the brochure, it all hinges upon its design. A practical and excellent brochure design will induce the targeted audience to read all about the furniture marketing ideas and what the business is trying to achieve.

On the other hand, a lesser compelling design brochure will end up in a trash bin.

So how to design a brochure with furniture advertising ideas that will help the business sell their latest designs and enhance the beauty of one’s residence.

In the below section, you will be given a brief idea of how to design a brochure that will help you get the coveted results for your client and make a lasting impact on the targeted audience.

How to design a brochure?

Before starting on the design of the brochure, you will have to do some legwork like knowing the brand, the personality, and the message the furniture marketing team wants you to portray on the brochure so that their target audience can be impacted.

Knowing the brand is essential; if you are unaware of it, all your marketing materials, including the brochure containing ideas will be disjointed and unclear.

Similarly, it would help if you also had a crystal clear idea of who you are designing the brochure. The different audiences will require different designs, and if you are not aware of this aspect, you will be running the risk of designing the wrong brochure.

As a designer, you need to ask specific questions before starting the design, like who the ideal customer is, what type of information they will be looking for, what are they likely to respond to images or text, and how to grab the attention of the audience.

Once you have an evident grasp of the above information, you can start developing the message you wish to portray on your brochure. You need to know what and how you are going to say before you start working on the design.

If you can’t have a solid and clear message that speaks to them in the language and the images and can relate with it, it does not matter what type of brochure design you come up with; it will fall flat.

Determining the success metrics

For every brochure design, having metrics to determine success should be non-negotiable. Without the metrics, you will have no idea whether to keep rolling with the same design in the future or go for a different approach to achieve the desired results.

As a designer, some of the metric ideas you should consider while designing the furniture marketing brochures are mentioned so that you can set them for yourself while designing the brochure.

  • Is your objective to drive your audience to the retail location? Then include a voucher or coupon and keep track of how many have been redeemed at the furniture store.
  • Is your objective to drive your audience towards the website? Include a custom Url in the brochure and track the number of logins with the help of the digital marketing team during the campaign.
  • Is your goal to build a buzz around the launch of a new product? Then include a CTA to sign up for their (targeted customer) emails include in your list to give them regular updates of the product and see how large the list grows during the campaign.

Bochure design

Setting the budget

Your budget not only informs you about the number of brochures that you can print, but it also helps you determine the type of paper you can print on and the funny printing tips that you will be able to jazz your brochure with.

As a designer, you need to come up with a budget per print and initiate the decisions based on what is important. For instance, do you need your brochure to extra sturdy, do you need to devote in a denser paper, and do you have a fantastic idea of how to illustrate one of your points? Look at the more expensive option of printing inks so that the visuals are more lifelike.

Knowing more about the budget you have for designing and printing the brochure will help you make some stringent decisions while designing the brochure and squeeze all the money-worth furniture advertising ideas that your client can afford.

Choosing the type of brochure

Your client might think there is just one type of brochure for which the obvious answer is no. Instead, it would help if you made your client aware of a laundry list of available options, and they can choose whichever type is best suitable for their furniture business and the way it is folded.

There are at least fifteen types of folds available that you can fold your brochure.

The type of fold for your brochure will depend entirely upon your design and the content you wish to share with the targeted audience.

You can go for the classic trifold, or if there is no space constraint, you can opt for the eight-panel roll fold or the sixteen-panel fold. If you provide step-by-step product details, you should opt for four-panel folds so that the reader can easily go over the content.

Finding your style

At the end of all, it all depends on the stylistic elements that are really going to make the brochure. If the brochure has too much design, it might overwhelm the reader, and you also do not want to overcrowd the brochure with too much text.

As a designer, you need to find the right balance so that the design is clean and straightforward, providing easy-to-digest design and for the best results.

Brochure designers follow all the guidelines mentioned above while designing the brochure to ensure that their client does not have to fork out a lot on the budget. As a result, they get the required marketing edge over the competitors in the furniture business.


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