How to Create the Right Packaging that’ll Attract Your Ideal Customers?

From the first time a buyer lays their eyes on a product to the minute they throw it away or recycle the packaging, they are more familiarized with the brand than ever. But that first step is critical: comprehending what entices people about your product can help you determine how to lure them through product packaging.

Custom packaging

The packaging of your product—be it an eyelash box template or another solution—is a form of marketing that will tell your ideal customers a lot about your brand. People will learn about your brand and product from the features printed on your packages, such as the colors used on the boxes or the copy on the label, to invoke the right emotions.

Understanding your target audience will aid you in developing packaging solutions that appeal to them.

The Audience Factors

People’s preferences vary based on numerous factors, such as location, age, and lifestyle. For this reason, it is essential to take your audience into account when advertising your product and to design the packaging. Knowing who you are targeting can skyrocket your sales or allow you to target the customers better.

1. Customer Location

The whereabouts of your audience can prompt what they may find valuable or useful. At times, location plays a significant role in how people respond to particular products or colors. For example, some cultures and religions have sacred colors that are correlated with specific concepts of feelings. That’s why if your stellar eyelash box template has not done so well in a particular area, it might be because of religious beliefs or cultural differences.

It depicts your packaging might do well in one area, but it might not be so popular in another zone because of cultural differences. People in different regions perceive a product differently based on its colors and what those hues mean in their culture or religion.

Additionally, language also varies on the basis of location. For example, a majority of the population in a specific area might speak a different language from those residing in other parts of the state or city. Thereby, if your product boxes do not speak a relevant language, your product might not see much sales.

Location demographics don’t just intersect with language and religion; they also traverse lifestyle demographics. So, it’s always helpful to know where your product packaging is going. If you are shipping your products to a predominantly Hispanic area, printing Spanish on your packages could be the difference between someone comprehending what your product is or overlooking it.

Another important aspect of location that might prove useful to consider is events. Think of sports. Every other product seems to boast themed packaging around popular sporting events, particularly items that are frequently used in parties during the game, such as chips and soda.

Prominent sporting events provide businesses an excellent opportunity to target customers that might be more enthusiastic about that event than people in other areas. For example, there is no reason why local sports team-themed goods sell way better in the team’s home region than they would in another part of the state or country.

2. Gendered Packaging

Gender is another critical demographic that should be taken into account when developing your packaging solution. You can find a plethora of products that appeal more to a specific gender than others. For example, in the US alone, 59 percent of wine drinkers are female. Ladies who drink wine appreciate various aspects of a personalized wine box or the marketing efforts. But they won’t get excited to see masculine designs on the packaging or bottle.

Gender-based marketing is a daunting task as you need to mark a product to women or men. However, it has been noted that there is a massive surge in the sales of products that are marketed to one gender. Pens made of delicate hands and soaps for rugged ones point towards gendered marketing. Since these products are less likely to appeal to the masses, many find them pandering and condescending.

At this juncture, it is pivotal to ask yourself if your product could reap some benefit from gendered marketing and packaging. While many goods are gender-neutral, some such as fragrances and cosmetics aren’t.

Personalized wine box

3. Consumer Lifestyle

According to the Legacy Printing, People’s lifestyles often reflect their buying habits. Single people do not need to buy as many products as the head of a large family. People who live on their own or just with a partner often struggle with food items that go bad before they could utilize them. That’s why single-serving and smaller product packages often appeal to singles more than a family of four.

An in-depth analysis has revealed to the experts at the Anaheim-based company that smaller packages allow single people to keep the consumable goods fresh for a longer period. In contrast, larger families prefer to buy value-sized or bulk-size boxes, so they don’t run out of consumable goods quickly.

This means a group of friends or a large number of people living together would buy a case of wine rather than picking a personalized wine box.

But that’s not the only place where lifestyles can traverse, says the Legacy Printing. They can intersect heavily with other aspects, too, such as income and age. For instance, students are young and do not have a proper source of income. As a result, cost and convenience matter more to them than quality. Hence, they are likely to choose fast food that is inexpensive and easy to cook, such as instant noodles, in place of gourmet meals, an expensive option.

Parting Thoughts

This information will help you make a practical packaging solution for your product that will offer a high return on investment.

But if you have decided to re-engineer your existing packaging solution or carve one from scratch, you probably need someone to do it for you. The aforementioned packaging company has a solid track record in developing reliable custom packaging solutions like lash packaging, wine boxes, Kraft boxes, cardboard packaging, and more. They’ll offer you the best solution that’ll aptly fulfill your packaging needs without breaking your bank.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy a fast turnaround and free services like design and shipping that will keep your packaging cost minimal.


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