Professional Product Packaging: Fundamental Tips For Startups

You’ve probably already heard the notion that first impressions last. You may have also heard this one: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Both these statements must be at the core of your product marketing strategy as a startup.

Product packaging design

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Consumers are generally brand-centric and are more likely to purchase one brand repeatedly, and less are likely to change to a new brand. As a startup, you have to find ways to get the consumer to pick your product based on its looks.

Your best shot at making a good and lasting first impression is in the way you present your product.…

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How to Design Product Packaging

Packaging keeps the things we value organized and protected. Whether it’s a pack of M&M’s, your favourite cookies, or a bottle of beer, without packaging, we will all be disorganized and with no way to keep things preserved. So, what is product packaging?

Designing product packaging

Product packaging refers to the process of designing the exterior of a product. Traditionally, product packages are designed with the product in mind. Now, product packaging is designed with the customer in mind because of increasing competition and brands trying to outsmart their competitor. Many products have attractive designs to win the customer. After all, it’s the first impression of your product and company.…

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How to Create the Right Packaging that’ll Attract Your Ideal Customers?

From the first time a buyer lays their eyes on a product to the minute they throw it away or recycle the packaging, they are more familiarized with the brand than ever. But that first step is critical: comprehending what entices people about your product can help you determine how to lure them through product packaging.

Custom packaging

The packaging of your product—be it an eyelash box template or another solution—is a form of marketing that will tell your ideal customers a lot about your brand. People will learn about your brand and product from the features printed on your packages, such as the colors used on the boxes or the copy on the label, to invoke the right emotions.…

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5 Common Product Packaging Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

No one wants their product’s packaging posted online as a joke or horror story. Perhaps the packaging failed, allowing the product to be damaged in transit. The labels might be considered misleading, or the amount of packaging is criticized as wasteful.

Packaging mistakes

However, you can avoid becoming one of these examples of what not to do by educating yourself. Here are five common packaging mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

Material Waste

Wasted material has become an issue for consumers. They may or may not pay more for products in minimalist packaging, but they’ll respect a brand that minimizes the packaging or uses recycled materials in the packaging.…

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Riding the Tide: 10 Packaging Trends for 2019

When we’re packaging our products, we’re always wary of looking too trendy. That said, packaging needs to be visually attractive, practical, and relevant. What will buyers be looking for in 2019?

Packaging Trends 2019

Here are 10 features we are forecasting will have maximum shelf appeal.

1. Soft colors

What we’re not doing for packaging in 2019 is anything that could be considered “aggressive”. This applies mainly to the most obvious detail – packaging color. Expect more subdued hues and pastels. Dove gray, muted celery, and whisper pink are a few examples.

2. Minimalist design

In advertising, there’s the old adage, “show, don’t tell.”…

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Packaging Like a Pro: How to Streamline, Save and Stand Out

Taking the order and making the sale should not be the end of the customer experience journey. If the item that they have ordered from you arrives in poor condition due to cheap or inappropriate packaging, all that goodwill can soon disappear.

Amazon shipping packaging

This article takes a look at how you can enhance a professional image for your business by making sure your goods arrive in good condition and tell the customer that you care about them.

Think like a buyer

The first thing you should do when assessing your shipping policy is to think like a buyer. If you were ordering from your company you would want a number of key requirements to be fulfilled.…

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